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The Four Letter Word Game

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Here's one of the games that use to exist on the old JWTalk Fun & Games board.

The Four Letter Word Game

Rules are: Change one letter in the four-letter word in the most recent post. Another user will then change one letter in the word you used and so on. You may not make up words nor reuse words that have already been used on the same page (each page is 20 posts). You may not go twice in a row.


User one: GAME

User two: GAVE

First word: TALL

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pate is a

"Pate may refer to: Pate (musical instrument), a Samoan percussion instrument ...A rich paste made of liver, pork, game or other meats,"

what happens if people cheat and make up words?

they will have to have dictionary definitions....am I taking this too seriously?

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