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The lyrics from Gordon Lightfoot's "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" go:

591e48fae19f0_Musiccolorfulnotes.gif.ca8746f798ca31240f822c68df5db97c.gif"Lake Huron rolls.   Superior sings, in the rooms of her ice-water mansion."591e48fae19f0_Musiccolorfulnotes.gif.ca8746f798ca31240f822c68df5db97c.gif


Well, I had to go to Marquette today and Superior was really singing!  ROARING, actually.591e492c1b283_Yesserious.gif.9c293870fdb320adca9d9d762cdccdb8.gif

I paid a price for this 30 second video: froze my face and the tips of my ears and fingers.591e49561bdd3_Wintericetomb.gif.1bd5f31efa4147b6a8f3569e1c8f80c4.gif

Temp was just above freezing, but the windchill factor was more light ten or twenty F. with a icy,

horizontal wind driven rain/sleet.


Yessir!  Superior was in fine voice today! 591e49f779577_ClappingBRAVO.gif.5f2c04002bf64cb0f24922f8ebbdf953.gif

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591fa950f0867_Musiccolorfulnotes.gif.6e2a4b150784715bf001d472ceb84e4e.gif"There's got to be a morning after..."591fa950f0867_Musiccolorfulnotes.gif.6e2a4b150784715bf001d472ceb84e4e.gif


The same spot this morning, after the storm subsided:



It's still pretty windy, so Superior is still roaring...just not as loudly as yesterday.591fa9de6c581_GrinBig.gif.889731d7712edf3dc37d8f6728adb7c8.gif

Conditions were much more conducive to lake watching.591fa9f81ecd5_YesSmiling.gif.1e810f77f0e7ea1209325c672fe480a7.gif

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