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"No ammount of alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms"

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On 9/14/2018 at 4:32 AM, Saffron said:

What a fascinating hobby! How did you learn how to do this?

It started with using some white vinegar to remove some hard water deposits. So I went to YouTube to look up how vinegar was made. Ah, there are some links to "How to make wine". Hmmm, how is that done... oh, really, it is that easy...


Been doing it for about 4 years. Tortuga... No, I don't crush grapes, only because I have not been able to get a source on wine grapes. So I have made Mead (honey wine), wine from Apple Juice, and I have bought just regular "store bought" Concord Grape juice. With the Concord Grape juice, I have figured out adding some other juices (I can tell you, it is a secret :wave:) you can come up with some pretty good stuff.


I have added malt to apple juice, and came up with a lower ABV "whiskey like" wine. The possibilities are endless.

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...However a second thought came to mind is "modern alchohol vs ancient alchohol". Today they say it's much stronger than ancient alchohol was, so perhaps the manufacturing proccess of modern alchohol is to blame is this study is accurate?

Alcohol is alcohol. It can not be refined in a way that makes it "stronger". The yeast cells create alcohol and carbondioxide from the sugar in a given fluid, that be grape juice or beer wort.

The way wineries and breweries produce alcohol has not changed for centuries.

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