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Ruthless searches and arrests of believers in Kirov

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On October 9, 2018 searches were conducted in several houses of Jehovah's Witnesses in Kirov. According to their results, 5 people were arrested, including a citizen of Poland. Their families tell the details of what happened and how they live now.

Kirovchanka Nina Korobeynikova, who has a disability, draws a postcard for her father Vladimir. For two months now, he and four other Jehovah's Witnesses have been held in the remand prison. “When I was little, Dad was my best friend,” says Nina.We played together, talked, went fishing. And all my life I have always lived with my parents, and dad was always there. ”






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16 hours ago, Tbs77 said:

This is Google Translate don't know how accurate...

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Yes, it is correct.


I have just watched the video. The brothers and their families are going through hard times. I felt for the elderly sister who is 81 and the sister with a neck brace on the bed. Life is emotionally and possibly materially tough for them. One of the brothers in custody said that he received over 1 kg of letters in a single day. The good news is that the husband of the bed-ridden sister has been released from custody and put under house arrest. 


The sad thing is that prisons and detention centres in former Soviet countries, especially in Russia, are notorious for cruelty and lack of decent human conditions. :crying:

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