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home run prompts PETA to protest Rays fish tank

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The animal-rights agency PETA penned a letter to the Tampa Bay Rays in direct response to a pretty theatrical home run slugged by Miguel Cabrera. The Detroit Tigers superstar launched a long ball into the “touch tank” (a massive tank holding cownose rays that fans can actually pet) in deep center during a recent game at Tropicana Field.


“The rays held captive at Tropicana Field not only were traumatically taken from their vast home waters but also are subject to harassment, loud crowds, and even baseballs capable of seriously injuring them,” Winders’ release stated. “When it comes to compassion, the Rays are batting .000.”

… please remove Tropicana Field’s reckless and cruel “touch tank,” where animals are confined to a small enclosure, subjected to constant reverberations from crowds, poked and prodded by up to 50 unfamiliar people at a time, and left unprotected from potential abuse. Your tank has the additional danger of being in a baseball stadium, where a ray could easily be injured or killed by an errant ball. Cruelty-to-animals charges could well result if and when a ball hits and injures or kills one of the rays. And as recent events have demonstrated, that threat is all too real."


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I owned and operated a pet store for many years. Our's was the only pet store in three nearby cities, so we were the only targets PETA had. I could tell some stories about some PETA members who protested animal "cruelty" while neglecting their own children who had to be removed from their homes due to malnutrition. A very unbalanced group! 

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From my experience with PETA has only been negative. They mainly want attention, they don't really have love for animals.

In the dog show world where most dogs are treated like queens and kings, PETA comes in and puts antifreeze into the drinking water or lets dogs loose from their crates. They want everyone to own a mutt, which I have owned many from SPCA when my children were growing up.

Now that I own toy poodles and have them tested for hereditary blindness, for joint and bone soundness and other things. I know that if and when I breed my toy poodles that I am getting as healthy a puppy as I can in this system and for their breed type.

When you mix 2 or more types of dogs together, each breed carries its own set of hereditary problems and to guarantee that the puppies will be sound and healthy is truly impossible to do. 

So I don't believe in PETA at all. 

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