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I needed a laugh

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These three guys were walking down the street,
there names were Shutup, Manners, and Dogpoo.
Dogpoo falls in the sewer; so Manners goes in after him.
Shutup is the only one left, and he goes and calls the police.
The cop says "What's your name?"
So he says "Shutup" the cop says "Where's your manners?",
Shutup says "In the sewer picking up Dogpoo"

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It's silly, but you know, I was feeling low the other day, and I saw this joke, and it made me laugh, I laughed myself silly!  I like dumb things like that, I just thought it was cute.  It was mild compared to how the "world" would have said it.  

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Jet Fuel............


Billy Bob and Jim worked for the Little Rock airport loading luggage. It was Friday night and it was almost quitting time.


As they were relaxing after work, they started talking about what to do on Friday night.  Billy said he'd sure like to go out and get drunk, but really couldn't afford it this week and besides, he didn't like the bad hangover he always ended up with the next morning.


Jim asked him if he had ever drank Jet fuel, because he had heard that it was mostly alcohol and actually tasted pretty good and didn't have the bad hangover affect the next day. Plus since they had easy access to it, it would be free for them.


Billy said he hadn't but was willing to try it, so they skeptically got some and tasted it.  "Hey this isn't bad at all" said Jim, and Billy agreed. So they both got really drunk and when he woke up at home the next morning, Billy felt great! No hangover at all. He was really impressed!  


A few minutes after he woke up his phone rang and it was Jim asking him how he felt. "I feel really good, Jim that was a great idea, free booze and no hangover at all"!


"Me too, said Jim, but have you farted yet"?  "No" said Billy.  Jim said "Well don't, because I'm in Phoenix"! 
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