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'Mormon missionaries' caught on camera as they beat and rob victim at gunpoint after knocking on his door for a chat about religion


  • Two suspects, not believed to be members of the Mormon Church, were dressed in typical missionary attire during the Las Vegas assault

Two men posing as Mormon missionaries are wanted by police after they knocked on a door under the pretense of chatting about religion - before beating and robbing the victim at gunpoint.

The suspects attacked the man at 6am on June 27 near Flamingo and Buffalo roads in Las Vegas. Police released stills of both suspects today.  The pair reportedly knocked on the front door and asked to be speak with the resident about religion. After chatting for five minutes, the suspects whipped out a gun and robbed him.


(This caught my attention, because since we are in the DEEP part of this system of things,  there will be individuals who may pretend to be like us, who may become copy cats like these individuals who were caught on a surveillance camera, but yet were not caught officially.  We all need to be vigilant, particularly perhaps even more so, our brothers).   



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Oh dear, this is awful. The news is already filled with mass murders, the poisoning of massive amounts of people in Egypt,  failing nuclear plants, school shooting in GA, Australian thrill kill, dolphins dying, small fish in the Pacific with bleeding eyes/mouths/and bellies, road-rage etc.... now we may be scrutinized in our ministry for fear we are targeting innocent people. I think I need a 'time-out'. We are surely living in times 'worse than in the days of Noah'. Isn't it amazing how much is happening in such a short period of time?


The Convention was reassuring as is the publications and meetings of late- and all these referring to points in the Draw Close Book. As well as getting more proficient in the use of our Bible's. The service meeting last night about the content of the SAD about Bible use is the same as the Symposium from Saturday at the convention. Are we getting the point? If we think things will slow down for us when the GT happens, well that may be sooo not true. We may need more than ever to have extensive Bible knowledge- even if it means just to get it in there so Jah can bring it out. We are on the verge, I feel it more than ever.   

Safeguard Your Heart for " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Matthew 12:34

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