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Laptop Opinions Please

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My Toshiba that I had for 6 months has gone to RIP PC Grave yard it. It was the Hard drive that was carput.


So the store " Harvey Normans." Is recommending a Hewit Packard.
So am wanting to know the ups & Downs anyone may have had with any newer versions,

Or other brands that maybe something to consider.


Side note,,, I much prefer a Laptop to a PC Desktop... Once again don't have a proper office in my new place..

So got to have a Laptop & Is there much difference say than with a NoteBook. Or is it the Hardware that makes it.

I Want it to have capabilitites of a CD player etc>
Thanks for any advice. 

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I think Dell is out of my Price range. But thanks Vernalee.. I have heard of Acer..

I know there aren't to many Products that will last forever.


Does Whirpool Make Laptops. I know they make fridges etc. Their products are super..


I am hoping to get at least 6 yrs out. Before buying again. 

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Yes it was a Newbie with a V8. LOLS. Felt like I was having to learn all new tech all over again.  Mean windows 8T


I was a fan of Toshiba. My last was a Toshiba.  Yes it was this years " Latest" I got use to the apps. even though I couldn't touch them on the screen. etc.

MY brother had bought one too, He had bought it a year ago. As soon as the warranty was up it karked it. He didn't get extended warranty either.

I did.  I think they haven't been to well made this time. I have also heard that.

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In view of the fact that it is still under warranty, is it that you are having a different laptop as a replacement under warranty?  Or have they offered cash? At 6 months old I would be pressing for a good deal under the warranty.


I have a desktop with windoze8 and I'm not a great fan of it! 


I am not a 'laptop' fan, my wife has win7 netbook and that has become so sloooow it is ridiculous.  I would do without a pc altogether were it not for the fact that there are things I can do with it that I cannot with the iPad.

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 It is a replacement the store is offering. As they don't have any other Toshibas in stock.

there are some with just a usb feature. But thats no good for me. 

I like some old fashioned features. There is no pressure,,

Just kinda tried of buying a product that doesn't last a decesent time Uno. So I am kinda doing some research. Want a clue into the next product/brand.

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