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Hale to the Kale.

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Hmm!!! I have heard of it.

Its such a popular rage at the moment,,

So I bought some yesterday... I like to take a challenge & experiment. Well its not bad..
Taste like a Savoy Cabbage outter shell.


All hail, it's super kale. By Matt Preston - Opinion - Taste.com.au.htm  It is related to the brocoli family..

I thought it might be like spinach, No its different...post-1015-0-02608400-1383088022_thumb.jp



Love it....

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I love it but too much lowers my thyroid production (I have hypo - (low) thyroid and take meds which had to be increased when I was daily nutribulleting with kale) so if you have thyroid issues you won't want to eat this everyday. But it is so good and good for you in many ways. Doing kale 2 days / week with alternate days of other lettuces and greens works for me.

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Ok girls I'm the Queen of healthy glad your on board . Kale is great in soup , smoothies , salad , stir fried ..... Even KALE chips !

It is a bit hard to digest so I cut my kale very fine and mix with romaine and lots of fresh veggies ( zucchini red onion carrot etc etc) it helps when you cut the kale to put it in the bowl and work it with your hands a bit to break it down ! To top off salad I make a slightly sweet vinaigrette with oil, rice vinegar a little stevia ( or honey) some Dijon mustard garlic and fresh herbs of your liking !

Then I put on top some avocado, candied almonds or walnuts or dried cranberries ! Let your imagination go wild LOL.

To stay away from carbs sometimes for lunch I add 1/2 cup do northern white beans . ( trader Joes )

I can't wait for the new system when food tastes like it should :) I try to buy organic it is very much available here because most West Coast people here are " health nuts".

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I hate kale but I love the benefits...so I take a handful and place it in my blender along with 8oz of prune juice and super whey and about a table of flax seeds and enjoy...I know it sounds like a geritol mix. :wheelchair: ..but it keeps me strong :boxing:

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