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Question regarding media broadcast

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One of my favorite personal account or Life Stories of JW's has always been the Awake 1977 April 22 issue about our wonderful and faithful till death sister Teresa Graves. If you have not ever read this I would encourage you to do so NOW! I am sure it will become one of your favorites too! Please read "Choosing Between Two Loves in My Life" then go to Central Print and look under the media broadcast and listen to her 'My Story' then also listen to her Religion on the Lne KABC radio talk show. It is so encouraging I could feel my heart swelling,with pride!

What I would like to,ask, is why was the radio show not handled by a brother? I honestly don't see,how,anyone could have improved on her,delivery and answers!! So knowledgable and mild spirited she was. But I was wondering how she was up against all these male religious figures and there was our sister. I realize it was not a pulpit or podium she was speaking from yet I thought it would have been a brother instead of a sister . Were they capitalizing on her,having been a popular celebrity (don't know how long this was done after she quit the business but the newscaster made mentioned of her celebrity status/accomplishments.

I remember her from Rowen and Martin's Laugh-In show and her being the bikini girl on there-where she got her start. I also remembering her giving up everything to do with Hollywood after becoming a witness for Jehovah! Not,that she gave up anything,except probably a lot of heartache and exchanged it,for joy and eternal happiness! I remember being awaken around 6 am with the news of her house fire and death. She had gone to a,meeting,the,night before. A,space heater caught fire and she,died in the,fire. Her neighbors were not even aware she had ever been a celebrity!!! What a fine example!

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