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Medications Disappearing

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I just got the new Reader's Digest (June 2014).  There is an article in there about medications.  The med's are disappearing, people who are sick with Cancer, and other illnesses, will not bet getting the medications they need.  This just shows me how close we are to the end of this system.   It's all falling apart!   The story if anyone here gets the booklet is on page 64, entitled: "A WORLD WITHOUT MEDS"  "Imagine surgeons running out of anesthesia, cancer patients searching for drugs, and doctors scrambling for antibiotics.  We're already there.  Let's see, pestilence, yes, in several European countries already have this new virus called MERS, and now its in the U.S.A.   West Africa has Ebola, spreading. 


It took me 3 months to find the medication that I need.  Its not the same as the one I had.  It's now more potent.  So I have to be careful when I take it.  It's only 1 mg, but it feels like am taking 5 mg.  I found out that its now made in India.  Before it was made here in the States.  


I just wanted to share this with you all.  I know am not the only one here taking med's,   Oh how great it will be when none of us will have to take medication to survive for a few years more!   Perfect health for 1,000 years and BEYOND!  

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The first is all about money. As generic drug prices have dropped, so have manufacturers’ profits. As a result, some manufacturers have failed to invest in infrastructure and quality control. To ensure safety, the FDA has taken regulatory actions that have halted supplies, with sterile injectable drugs, such as pain meds and chemotherapy, dominating the shortage list. (These are the most complex and costly generics to make.) The business model of just-in-time manufacturing—in which companies make drugs as patients need them but do not stockpile extra—leaves no margin for unexpected events

Read more: http://www.rd.com/health/healthcare/drug-shortages/#ixzz31muNkrmU


This is not a good scenario for those who need meds to function on a daily basis, like myself. They are also saying that pain meds are being stopped by DEA if they see a spike of rising prescriptions due to people who are taking these drugs for the sole reason to get high and are addicted and if they can't get pain meds then they are going out and using heroine.  The DEA stopped pain meds from being sold for awhile at a Walgreens in Florida and investigated the pharmacy and the doctors who are prescribing pain meds. 


You wouldn't think this kind of thing would happen in the U.S. but it talks about one lady who is on meds so she can see due to the fact she doesn't absorb Vitamin A correctly and the meds she was taking helped her to see. She cannot get her meds because the company that was making it went out of business and she hasn't found another company who is making her type of meds, therefore she is loosing her eyesight and in the process has lost her job. 

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Another factor is the illegal drug trade for legal meds. Many are getting scrips for pain meds, then selling them. I take codeine #3 for arthritis pain. I have been offered up to $25 per pill. My friend left her purse where an unscrupulous relative could get to it and her pain meds were stolen. The illegal drug trade is alive and thriving in these last days. So the FDA is cracking down on doctors and limiting access to particularly pain meds so those who really need them cannot get them.

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