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The Clock Face


One Bethel speaker was talking about how all of the brothers and sisters are important in the congregation, but we never want to overlook the part the older ones play in keeping the congregation strong even when they aren't able do as much as they once could.He pointed out that on a clock face there may be three hands – the second hand, the minute hand and the hour hand. He likened the second hand to the younger ones in the congregation. They have lots of energy and race around doing things, just as the second hand goes all the way 'round the clock face in just 60 seconds.

 The minute hand is like those in the congregation who are a little older, even middle-aged. They don't have the energy of the young ones but still accomplish much, just as the minute hand moves slower than the second hand but still gets around the clo ck face once every hour.

 The older ones in the congregation are like the hour hand, which moves a lot slower than the second hand or the minute hand but still gets around the clock face every twelve hours. They aren't able to do as much – quantity-wise – as they once did when they were young. But they keep moving along at their own pace.

 Each hand on the clock has its function. But then he asked, "If you had no second hand on the clock, could you tell what time it is? Yes. If you removed the minute hand too and just had the hour hand, could you still tell the time? Yes, not as precisely, but you could make a pretty close guess. But if the clock had only the second hand could you tell the time? No. How about if you had only the minute hand? No. Even if the clock had both the second hand AND the minute hand, could you tell what time it is? No, you need the hour hand.

 So, even though the older ones may not be able to keep up the pace of the younger ones, they are very important to the spiritual health and stability of the congregation. They are encouraged to keep doing what they can, at the pace they are able to maintain, for the benefit and blessing of all in the congregation. For the congregation to be at its strongest spiritually, all our brothers and sisters, young and old, are needed.

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So very true, I was out with a service group of older sisters, there was about 150 years of wisdom and faithfulness to draw from. Of all the car groups I've been in, this one was my favorite. My face hurt from laughing so much. I don't fit in with the younger sisters. Always the older ones.

The two sisters had a deep sense of comaraderie, and they (both close to their 80s) were teasing each other about looking for a mate for each other (both are widows now) at the convention. I couldn't help but laugh so hard with them. I even brought them out to my place and would have had them in if it weren't for the dogs outside. I've not had anyone else to my house but them :)

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