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Unblinking Eyes Track Employees

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Jerry, I found this interesting from 2 different angles. First is yours, it's not the one that struck me first but since you mentioned it it's a good point. But mine is from the viewpoint of control. Why is it that people need absolute control over others? Like in Korea, those people can't sneeze without making sure it's sanctioned by the government. And it's becoming more and more like that here in the states, where freedom was the main objective when they separated from Britain many years ago.

One of the places I work has the temperature monitored and can "control" it from a distant location. Another one has real-time cameras on and remotely micro-manages the staff. They have been so 'managed' that staff get frustrated because the owners don't see everything and they aren't even asked what back-ups need to be done or allowed to get it done, then are treated like bad employees because things aren't being done!

So like the article above was talking about, interaction with other people and how to manage it, but cameras cannot "see" everything.

We have been so 'studied' through the years. They know how we think as we shop, they have grocery stores carefully designed so we have to walk through isle upon isle of stuff we don't need in an effort to get us to buy anyway knowing that we are drawn by clever advertising along the rows,  they have things designed to fail at a certain time so we have to buy something new, they have become so good at knowing the pattern of human thinking I feel like a lab rat.

We know we need people, Jehovah tells us so- Proverbs 27:17 and Heb. 10:24,25, we don't need these control freaks telling us so. The invasion and manipulation of our personal choices causes a surge of rebellion in me- rebellion to never walk the line they try to force us to walk in.


Ok, rant over with. Thanks for posting this. And letting me get a few thoughts out there! 

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I had a similar conversation with a workmate recently. He was concerned about all the "spying" the government does.


Personally, I hope they do MORE spying and gather MORE data. Why? The more they get and store - the more they have to sift through to find that little needle that is me. If all they have is a small amount of data - I will be easy to monitor. But if the have terra bytes of it - WOW! they will really have to sift through a huge haystack to find me. It is easy to get lost in a crowd then standing alone in the middle of the street.


They are so busy looking through all this data for "Criminal" or "terrorist" activity, that little old me goes unnoticed in the ocean of info. as I am neither of those.

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