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Android vulnerability

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In short the article says there is a flaw that can compromise many sensitive areas of a device because Google hasn't verified that an app really deserves to have access. There is a fix and a looming concern. The article goes on to say:


"However, the many thousands of devices still running versions of the operating system ranging from Android 2.1 to Android 4.3 and have not been sent the fix by relevant network operators and manufacturers remain vulnerable if they download apps from outside the Google Play store."


"Dr Steven Murdoch, a security expert at the University of Cambridge's computer laboratory agreed this was a serious flaw. But he added that most device owners should still be able to avoid being affected."

"Google will be looking for people who are exploiting this vulnerability in applications being distributed through its own Google Play store," he said.


"So, if that's the only place that you get apps from, you are in a relatively good position.

"But if you download applications from other sources you will be putting yourself at risk."


A spokeswoman from Google confirmed that the company had scanned all the applications in its own store as well as some of those elsewhere.

"We have seen no evidence of attempted exploitation of this vulnerability," she added.

BlueBox is releasing an Android app of its own that will check whether the host device has been patched."


Heads up!

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Same here Vernalee!  I see my virus protector working everytime an app updates too.  I don't have anything to protect my phone but I don't download too many app's for my phone - just JW libary and a few others for keeping track of my ministry and for getting presentations and they are all done by witnesses, so I was assuming they were fine (plus I've downloaded them from the Google Play Store).  So tired of people ruining things for others, they have no other purpose in life but to cause harm and headaches!

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All the Google Play store apps are fine, so 99% of users have nothing to worry about.


In order to be vulnerable to this virus, you have to 1: Allow third-party downloads. 2: Find an unofficial app store (the vast majority of which exist solely for illegal app piracy). And 3: Jump through the hoops of downloading and installing the third-party app.


In laymans terms, if you don't understand how the virus works, you'll never be vulnerable to it.

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I thought this was about strengthening ourselves for a looming robot attack!!!

Your post reminded me of an old SNL skit that showed old people getting atyacked by robots in their homes, it parodied insurance companies.
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