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I had the BEST day at work today!

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Really I did.  The best day in 36 years of nursing!  I took care of a woman who was termed "pleasantly confused".  She had brain cancer that has altered her mental status.  If I have to go someway before the GT this is how I want to do it.  But only if I could be happy like her. Her sand, she clapped her hands, she would kick her feet up like she was dancing---all the while laying in her bed.


As we stood at the foot of her bed doing bedside report she picked up her water pitcher and proceeded to dip her hand in it and fling it on the night shift nurse and I announcing very loudly "You are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"!.  Then a few minutes later she held her arms outstretched to the ceiling screaming "Father God! Father God, Forgive me for I forgot to friend you on Facebook!".  We all lost it on this one and had to leave the room.  Then one of the residents flagged me over in the dictation room and was whispering and uncontrollably laughing and said "Did you hear what she did to Dr. Veit yesterday?"  she proceeded to say that Dr. Veit (young good

looking doctor who had been in the Marines) had a dozen you med students in the room rounding on her and the patient, my sweet lady, seductively looks him up and down then says "come here" in her very best come hither voice and Dr. Viet took a step back and cautiously asked "Why?" to which she said "Because I am going to kiss you in a way you won't understand for no other reason that you are a boy and I am a girl and that is what they do".  She said Dr. Veit turned so red and was speechless while all the med students were trying not to laugh. 


Other times I would go to give her medications and she would hold her hand as if she were speaking into a microphone and announce "We may all be Catholic's now, but when we wake up in the New World we will all be Baptists"  Then other times she would call pit from her room "Please everyone, will all the good Catholic girls come in here?"  She would pick up her scrambled eggs that were scooped onto her plate with a ice cream scooper and then throw them across here room and yell :Catch",  if you did something she did not like she would say she was going to delete you from Facebook.  Her granddaughters said that she is a social butterfly and has a FB account, a Twitter account and an Instagram plus she texts using emotion cons, and has her cell phone.  She is up on technology and teaches her granddaughters how to use FB!  She is such a rich, warm character with not a mean spirit in her body.  Even at this low spot in her health she is a happy confused.  Most always people get mean and nasty when they are at this point.  I wish I knew her before the this terrible disease process took over her body and now mind.  I bet she was a character.  Her granddaughters said she was the best grandmother in the world and I believe it.


I get the privilege of taking care of her tomorrow and honestly, I can't wait to hear what she will say.



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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Leslie, in our profession, I can see where this grand ole gal is a real breath of fresh air! Finally, a patient you can look forward to being with! Too bad you couldn't ask her something like "Did you talk to Jehovah today?" and then walk out of the room. You never know if that name will make a few connections!

Don't live for the moment - live for the future! :D

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