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Anyone with sciliacs? I think I might be not sure though.

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I haven't eaten very much wheat. Just a bit in the rye break I eat on a regular basis. Other than that no wheat. 


On Sat we have tortellini pasta. Then I had gotten some raisin tea biscuits from the store. Well the next day after the pasta I had my legs flair up got really itchy and red. Then not thinking about it I had some tea biscuits for breakfast. And then more for a snack that night. Well let me tell ya I had such bad gas build up in my guts. I felt like crap. I was in pain from it. I have not had any since yesterday. The gas passed last night at 1 am that was not fun.


The redness and itching in my legs is gone now. So if there is anyone else that has this problem I would appreciate your thoughts on what I have gone through.

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Celiac is what I think you are meaning by "sciliacs" and then writing on about wheat & rye.


If that is so - barley would be another grain to watch out for.


The symptoms you describe may be related to celiac - or may not - or may be a type of gluten sensitivity. The real issue is you - do those symptoms reappear each time you eat wheat, rye or barley?

If so, you may need to eliminate such grains.

(so easy to say) ;-)


I live with such issues - and more - and in the time it takes a given food to get to my stomach I can usually tell if I've been "glutenned" by surprise! UGH!


Redness & itching sound more like an allergy though - just saying... :)

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My husband reacts within minutes. ..He can't breathe pains in chest, itching, swollen lips, nausea vomiting, pain in stomach. ..He has ended up in hospital twice. I have to examine carefully everything he eats and he has to eat proper food. .not pretend food. We are also vegetarians, it makes life difficult.

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The PBS tv channel showed another doctor who has all the answers to your tummy troubles. Some of the things he said were pure bunk, imho, but others were kind of right  on the button.

I have a dil who cannot tolerate anything that contains gluten. She has much the same reaction, Greg. Gluten is formed in the gut when you ingest wheat products. Barley, and rye do somewhat, but do let you enjoy a small amount of bread.

He was advertising a book, Grain Brain. Maybe therein lies your answer. Google that title, and it should give you a bit of insight.

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I have not had any reaction like this with rye bread or drinking beer. That is the only kind of barley I can stand hate that stuff in any other form. It appears that Wheat is the biggest problem. The reaction I had started within hours of eating the pasta we had Sat night. I may have to ask about this with my doctor. Yes thank you for the spelling correction. 

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