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Egypt - planned one-million protest on Friday

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It seems the protest in Egypt have not come to an end yet. The people weren't happy with the previous government and aren't happy with the interim either. Anyone want to bet me that they won't be happy with the one to come either?!

When will people learn that it is only God's Kingdom that will make people happy.

Interesting that the Muslim Brotherhood isn't taking any part in the march on Friday. Brotherhood Denies Seeking Egypt Power

Well, the unrest continues. I hope our brothers over there are OK.

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So they deny seeking power but now are seeking power.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood says wants to form gov't

"Partial results Wednesday showed the Muslim Brotherhood emerging as the biggest winner in Egypt's landmark parliamentary elections, and leaders of the once-banned Islamic group demanded to form the next government, setting the stage for a possible confrontation with the ruling military."

Some how I know the people still won't be happy even after they get what they say they want.

We see yet again the only solution = God's Kingdom.

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It's the same in Tunisia and Yemen. They get the chance to vote democratically and vote for Islamists. UK journalists are describing it as from Arab Spring straight into an Islamist Winter. Anyway, perhaps they need to try that just to prove what you said - to find out that won't work either!

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NOW??? they are starting to wonder if they made a good choice - because politicians say one thing and do something else :lol1:

:welcome: to Human Democracy :wave:

"The main reason I don't support the Brotherhood anymore is because they say something and do something else," says Awes, who fixes air conditioners for a living, his skin rough and aged.

That something was the Muslim Brotherhood's announcement that it will run a candidate for president despite a vow during the parliamentary elections that it would not. Egyptians overwhelmingly supported the Brotherhood in those elections, but some express hesitation about handing total control of their government to the party by giving it the presidency in elections slated for May.

The reaction of Awes and others who voted for the Brotherhood is a sign that some Egyptians are not yet sold on the party as the answer to all of the country's ills, and are wary of concentrating power in one group following a 30-year dictatorship.

Uncertainty about the Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is one of two strong Islamist groups dominating parliament, could be found recently among many patrons in crowded tea shops and the cafes where tobacco is smoked from water pipes known as shisha.

"We don't understand their intentions anymore," says Mahmoud Youssef, a tailor, drinking tea and playing cards on his day off in the Abdeen neighborhood.

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Egypt: Brotherhood presidency candidate says Shariah 'final goal'

Khairat el-Shater meets with Salafi clerics, stresses he would form group of religious scholars to 'help parliament' enforce Islamic law. Omar Suleiman gives up presidential bid


Just like Corvus said when this all began.

I hope the people are happy with what they vote for. As for me and my household, we shall serve Jehovah (Josh 24:15)

May the Kingdom government I voted for at my baptism come soon!

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Jesus said, my kingdom is no part of this world. It is not a shock when people do not follow that admonition either here in the US or anywhere else. Political power and the money that goes with it was what swayed the nominal Christians in the third centrury away from what Jesus said. This is why we who know what he said and are trying to live up to it must stay free from the world and its politics. It is the only way that our form of worship can remain clean and undefiled.

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