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My friend and I were working in a rural terrirtory--many meth labs and pot growing in these parts. We were on a dirt/gravel road that had about 5 houses on a one lane road. We pulled into the driveway--it had been misting rain--no accumaltion--no puddles or such--just the dirt roads were damp. The driveway was as such you could not park on the gravel, one lane road so we pulled into the drive--the house was about 300 yards off the road and down a hill. The house had an erie feel to it. We knocked and no one answered. Then all at once three huge dogs (Bull mastiffs) came charging. They were very light on their feet to be so big. They were barking and slinging slober everywhere. We ran as fast as we could in high-helled boots and jumped into the F-250. Then we heard gun shots.

I put the truck into reverse and tried to back down the drive. We just sat there--wheels spinning, dogs jumping on the truck and still hearing random gun fire. Frieda was yelling at me to "just go" and the truck was just spinning out--literally digging us deeper into the driveway. I finally realized I could put it in 4WD but I never had a cause to do that before so it took me just a quick second to find it. I still had to pull forward then angel back out and make several attempts at doing this. I was afraid I would run over one of the dogs because we could hear them scratching but the truck sits up so high you could not see them.

Finally we got to gaining traction and as we backed it it looked like a backhoe had dug up their drive! We stopped and and just kept staring at their drive wondering out loud what we should do. Finally Frieda said "We didn't leave any literature there did we?" I said NO and she said "Then give it gas and lets get out of here". We were very frightened. Now since it has been a day we are thinking that maybe it was hunters we heard firing the shot guns. I feel bad about tearing up their drive but I don't quite know how to handle it. The house was not in a pristine setting and the yard was unkept. But still we messed up someones drive. It looked BADDDDD!

Do we just chalk this up as a learning experience or should we put a note on there door and apologize. We have had three of our elders report having guns pulled on them during the ministry before (not this house) but I feel very embrassed when I think about it. We made the mistake of telling one of the brothers and he is calling us Thelma and Louise now...

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Personally, I think you need to fix the damage. I understand why you did what you did, and I probably would've done the exact same thing you did. If you did damage their driveway, then you need to contact them and pay to have it fixed. It's really the only right thing to do. If this had happened to your driveway, you probably would be very angry that someone did that and did not offer to fix it. I know I would. Also, if someone saw you do this and then saw you take off, they may have gotten your plate number. If they decide to report you, you could be in more trouble.

About 6 years ago, I parked my truck in a parking lot at a doctor's office, next to my truck was some old vehicle. Anyway, when I got out, the car was gone, but there was a slash in my door about a foot long. Literally a deep cut through the metal. It looked like the car next to me when they opened their door it got hooked someone how on my car door and it looked like they put the car in drive to get their door unhooked and it slashed right through the door. It was awful and I was so angry especially that the person left without a note on my car. I never did get the money to repair it, so I had this nice truck with a foot long gash in the door. I don't have the truck anymore, but I hated seeing that gash every time I got in the car. Really, really angered me. Accidents happen to all of us, but if we damage someone's property, we should take the correct steps to correct it.

So sorry you had to deal with that, and whatever you decide, I hope it works out in the end for you Leslie.

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That's what I was taking to Freida about. Taking a shovel and scooping the dirt and gravel back in the holes. There was no damage done as in to concrete or anything ran over--like a dog or a tree but the dirt and gravel that was spun out was probably a good 8-10 inches deep--and about 4 ruts at different angles about 2-3 feet long--I still am embrassed when I think about it. I just let the fear get the best of me.

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That's what I was taking to Freida about. Taking a shovel and scooping the dirt and gravel back in the holes. There was no damage done as in to concrete or anything ran over--like a dog or a tree but the dirt and gravel that was spun out was probably a good 8-10 inches deep--and about 4 ruts at different angles about 2-3 feet long--I still am embrassed when I think about it. I just let the fear get the best of me.

Get their permission before you do anything. It is possible they will just accept your apology and take care of the matter themselves. Even if they agree to have you fix it, there may be some materials you need to purchase to fill the ruts.

Don't be embarrassed! It happens, we have all let the fear get the best of us at one time or another. As long as you do your best to correct the problem, then that is the right thing to do.

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What a great experience, were you in rural Alabama by any chance? ha ha

When I was in Alabama we used to stay in or close to the car in those isolated house situations. It gives any lurking dogs a chance to come out. The home owners usually know if someone is visiting them and if they don't want to come out, then they don't and if they see I'm staying near the car it kind of gives them their space to come and see who we are. But we were just looking for Spanish speakers so it didn't matter if we had to miss a door.

Good thing those dogs didn't get you! Can you send them a letter (to the people, not the dogs) or call them.

Don't risk your life for their dirt driveway.

And you can quote me on that!

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Well Thelma, I think maybe a phone call or card might be in order, but I would not want to see two Sisters going out there again....I know y'alls a very large army and all that but it just makes better sense to me to send a mixed squad out there next time:cowboy:

love ya Leslie, I'm glad no one was hurt in the filming of the training video, ' How Not to do Return Visits'....(ok, I'm sorry, sometimes I cant control it):peace:

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We have a lot of drug dealers and big BIG dogs in our territory. So we never do those roads with out a brother in the car. The police have actually told us to make sure we have a brother with us. It is scary business.:help:

In my former Cong in California it was always kinda fun working the rural territories. I was one of the few 4x4 owners that went out on weekdays and it was sort of a running joke amongst the Sisters as to who got to be in my group...

I'm a fairly big guy, and I am pretty protective of my friends...I am not afraid of guns, have a few myself...get along fine with dogs too. Cant tell you how many times I heard remarks like 'well, lets just throw Tim out and see if theres any dogs around'...or something like that....

I would always get out of the Jeep, every door, if I went to the door or not, just as a back-up for the one calling at the door...They always made a big deal of it, saying they felt so protected, but it is just how I am, and we are never really alone...My folks taught me to respect people and I still let women walk ahead of me in lines and I open doors for them too...my wife loves it when I open her car door, but it is just the only way I know how to act....but she is kinda special too---:crush:

I have had a couple of rough situations where it seemed like the presence of a 6'-4" 225 pound man with a scowl on his face has a much more calming influence than my dear 5'-2" adopted grandmas loving smile did...

I always recommend a mixed group...in this twisted world it is so dangerous out there it is just good common sense to put your labors where they do the most good, and getting dog bit or otherwise hurt because of over-zealousness just doesnt make sense to me....I'm not trying to be sexist or discouraging, its just that Jehovah wants us to be happy and productive and we cant be either one if we are home recuperating from a dog attack

Some of the Friends carried doggie snacks, some had the sonic anti dog devices, I just used a lot of attitude and carried a leather bag with good handles....:boxing:............and put a lot of trust in our Father:cowboy:

Be careful out there my friends---

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Remember Norm on Cheers? He use to have great one-liners. One was "It's a dog-eat-dog world and I'm wearing milkbone underware" Use to love that show. It brings back good memories--my husband and I would curl up in bed and watch that show after the 11:00pm news at night. Fond memories.

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I would suggest sending the householder a letter if you have the address. As you stated "it's a rural territory and it could have been hunters." Or, you can use the Internet to see if you can cross-reference the address with the white pages and get a phone number :-) Perhaps those who do phone witnessing in your congregation can add the householder to the list. Those kinds of situations are always scary. I have never ran across gunfire but we have some pretty rural territory in our area as well and my husband and I both have certainly been "SCREAMED" off a porch or two. Good luck!


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HI Leslie what an experience.

I haven't done to much rural.

my experiences are mostly with the suburbs,

one time my i was like early 20's my dad had a call he hadn't done for a while

it was located on the back of the bay. and i was a good walk to the door so i was aux pioneering

i needed to do a call so dad is in the car my bro and i i knocked and a blue healer came out from

no where he was barking his head of and the owners weren' t home.

we were there for a while. man o man he was a scarey dog.

we were praying and it looked like the only way out was to jump into the bay then dad comes charging

down the drive in his van blocks the dog so we ran jumped in the van. but that has been my scarey


sometimes my hubby likes to go see his dad in the country.

how do you start when you are doing rura. i have wanted to have a go. may Jah be with you

warmchristian love :boating: gabel

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