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Major Bus Accident in Ecuador Today Leaves at Least 27 Dead and 30 Injured:crying:

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At least 27 people died and 30 others were injured Sunday in a bus crash in the northern Ecuadorian province of Imbabura, Victor Bazantes, with the fire department in the city of Ibarra, told Efe.

Based on the statements of survivors, Bazantes said that apparently the bus in which they were riding had a problem with its brakes and crashed into a wall, then rolled down an incline.

The accident occurred on the Ibarra-San Lorenzo highway linking the provinces of Imbabura with Esmeraldas, the latter on the border with Colombia.

Three children died in the crash, which occurred near the community of Cuajara, near the city of Ibarra, the capital of the same-named Andean province.

The injured were taken to nearby medical facilities, but two people were transported by helicopter to Quito, Bazantes said.

A relative of some of the victims told the daily El Comercio that the people on the bus were Jehovah’s Witnesses who were traveling to a church service in the parish of Lita.


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This is awful. It reminds me of how much of a spoiled baby I am. On occasion having missed a meeting because of depression. All it takes for me to venture to a meeting is a five minute car ride. We take for granted the comforts of the first world. These brothers and sisters in countries like Ecuador have to endure much more adversity to get to a meeting than we do and even hardship like the article describes. May Jehovah be with them and give them the relief needed.

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I search for more information about the accident and found more then 10 links

on google, but only the one Astrid mention, says something about J.W. being involved

Every other sources like Washington Post or Yahoo news don't mention J.W.

The reason for the accident was the driver was speeding.

Would our brothers not say something to the driver to slow him down?

Before I forward the news I need to be sure that it is confirmed that our brothers are involved.

It would be really sad......

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We received today an email from a good friend:

Hello all,

Usually I have good news to report, but a few of you have already heard about the sad event the Sunday before last. A group of Witnesses from the Ajavi congregation in Ibarra went, as was their custom on Sundays, to preach in a town about two hours from Ibarra and hold a meeting there. Sadly, the bus, which was overloaded with passengers and travelling too quickly, went over the cliff. Of the 29 people who died, seven were our brothers. Apparently sixteen Witnesses in all were on the bus. (Others planned to go but didn´t make it on time, or for one reason or another decided not to go. Acutally, I had been invited to go that day too, but for two reasons had decided not to go.) Obviously, many of those are injured badly and still recovering in hospital. I was acquainted with a few of the brothers who were killed, as well as a few of the ones injured. One of the ones who was taken air ambulance to Quito is one of the two elders in Ajavi congregation, and he is in stable condition but will be in hospital a long time to come.

Our poor elders have been through the wringer, at the morgue identifying bodies and at the hospitals and helping family members of the victims. It really is touching to see the love of our brotherhood, and our dear elders are certainly spending themselves on behalf of our brothers. Our circuit overseer gave a beautiful talk at the funeral, which was held in a coliseum. Amost 2000 attended! So it was a tremendous witness for Ibarra as many received much comfort from the scriptures. The C.O. discussed six points which were beliefs that the seven shared, and not only did he discuss the state of the dead and the resurrection, but also how it isn´t God´s fault but that ¨time and unforseen occurrence befall us all.¨ (Ecc. 9:11) The newspapers and TV all mentioned that the accident included a group of Jehovah´s Witnesses who were going to Lita to preach, and everyone we speak with in service is aware of that so we are glad for the favourable reports.

The last few weeks I´ve been going a lot to a small town 1 1/4 hours from here to help with the construction of a Kingdom Hall. As I was waiting for the bus back, I overheard one lady say to the other, ¨It seems that a group of Jehovah´s Witnesses ...¨ -- I thought she was going to mention that we´re building a hall in the town; however, she continued ¨were going to preach and they were in the bus accident.¨ So it is on the minds of everyone in the province. I was able to speak with the lady a few minutes later and she accepted the tract about death.

Well, soon we will have our assembly which will be very fortifying. There are also some other good events coming up, so I´ll have an e-mail with better news next time. In the meantime, I send my love to you all.

Take care,


P.S. We were told that the Ajavi congregation had a full hall both Wed. and Sat., and that on Saturday the service group was double what it normally is.

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