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Anyone heard of marvel new show on Disney + called Wandervistion it's very popular seems everyone is talking about it. Well while I was self isolateing I had been watching episodes am a marvel fan so I gave it a try and I noticed that the show features Magic themes something Disney is good at doing but I found myself hooked even wanders nick name  is called scarlet witch 

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I liked the first half of the series, then when they introduced the SWORD agents, I started to have an idea as to where this show was going, and indeed, it went into a really disturbing direction, with Vision, very briefly, confronting Wanda for, basically, committing psychological torture on a town, which never gets resolved, before getting interrupted by a contrived plot device. Disney seriously can't handle real conflict or characters taking any real responsibility these days. It's really sad. 
Yes, one episode, we couldn't even really watch due to the spiritistic elements in it. It was sending the message, anyway,that Wanda was the good guy and the poor innocent victim despite the fact that she was causing a great deal of suffering, and refused to see and take responsibility for what she was doing even when directly confronted with it.
I would not recommend this show.
But it did help me formulate the opinion that I will not be watching Falcon and the Winter Solder, and want nothing to do with that show. If Spiritism was the only problem with WandaVision, my issues would only be with that series, but this whole blatant message of "it's okay to cause suffering, if you're a poor little 'innocent victim' who's grieving, and you don't have to take responsibility for the suffering you've caused" looks like it'll likely carry over to Falcon and the Winter soldier, especially with these "flag smashers" being a subplot, from what I've seen in trailers. Looks very Antifa to me. You know they're going to turn out sympathising for the supposed villain. It's what Disney marvel seems to do well, lately.

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I see this topic's a little old, but I'm a Marvel nerd so this is like one of my biggest areas of expertise, lol.


Yeah, WandaVision was a strange start to Phase 4 in the MCU. It started off kind of interesting, but it got rushed towards the end I feel (thanks COVID).


I didn't really care much for the witch stuff. They did witch stuff in Smallville and it just always feels really weird in any sort of capacity (because, well, it's demonic in nature, so), but I mean I guess it makes sense here considering she's the live action counterpart to a character literally called the Scarlet Witch and she's not a model hero; more of an anti-hero leaning villain. Up till this point, we've just kinda been lead to believe she was basically a teenager with insanely powerful powers, nothing more, so they definitely did some retconning to make her more comic accurate it seems. Still not a big fan, though, but whatevs.


I think the biggest highlight of the series was the beginning episodes. They were intriguing, especially seeing everyone come back from Hulk's snap; that was dope, more of this please Marvel. Also, the Agatha All Along song had me like:


Don't get me started on what they did with Evan Peters though. I mean, I know the story was about Wanda and her grief and trauma and not a multiverse story, but I still can't help but feel a little disappointed about the Quicksilver reveal at the end of the show.


Anywho, sorry, didn't mean to write an essay for a reply lol, just got some things to say about this show. It's definitely an odd one among the other titles in the franchise and not exactly my favorite. My mom didn't really like it either, and she likes pretty much almost anything MCU.

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