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What kinds of dogs do we have?

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You can tell by my avatar that I like Border Collies. The one I have now is a nice dog, but the one I had before (he had to be put down at the age of 12 due to cancer) was perfect. He loved to ride in the car and went everywhere with me--well not to meetings or out in service. He was the smartest dog I had ever seen in person, sort of like Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin put together. He hated raccoons and had scars on his face from many altercations. The raccoons probably didn't look much better, but I only saw them at night so couldn't tell. He loved fireworks. We live near the beach so have a couple of shows a year that we can watch from our deck. When he noticed the moon for the first time and tried to bark at it to chase it away.

He could understand what we talked about, his ears gave him away. When he started jumping up when we said word like car, key, go we started spelling. He learned that too.I could go on and on. I wish dogs could be resurrected too.

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The dog in your photo looks like one we had. A girl that worked with a sister was never home and asked did we want him. We jumped on it... he was the perfect dog. Very well trained, adored my son etc. We had him nine months.... she called and said she had a vet appt made for him ... took him and never brought him back. Yes we could have fought it and all that but my poor son was so upset (he is almost 3) we just wanted it all over with and not give him any false hope of him getting his dog back.

We now have another Border Collie name Mokie. He is four months so we are going through training... such a joy....

Here is his photo:


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Looks like you're having image problems, can I help?

Not sure what is going on with the image. I clicked the icon to add an image and it asked for a link. I used the one from flikr that shares it. I had also tried the link direct from my facebook album neither is working... but when I cut/paste link to my browser it goes with no problem? Maybe a forum tech issue?

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My dog is a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd Mix. He has a blue eye and a brown eye. His name is Sequoia, we have had him since October 2000. He is almost 14 yrs old, and he is slowing down. He has been an awesome dog and I know he doesn't have alot of time left, and I will definitely miss him.

He has always been obedient, fun, playful, protective of me and my children, not so protective of my husband, lol. I sometimes thinks he feels my husband can take care of himself. He has been a great family dog, but also a very watchful dog. If my doorbell rings, he is right at the door barking at whoever and standing in front of me so the stranger at the door has to go through him to get to me. He only barks though when the doorbell rings, which is nice.

Once, my husband had overtime at work, and my doorbell rang at 11:30 at night. I was so scared, as I was alone in the house with my kids. I looked out a window, and I saw two men with flashlights out front. My dog was standing at that door and growling like you would not believe. I called 911, police came, and it turned out to be some utility guys needing to get in my backyard to check the cable box, seriously at 11:30 at night? That's another story.

Another time, my dog was in the back yard when a man climbed over the fence, the electric guy, he didn't check to see if a dog was back there first. He went in the back yard to look at our box, and my dog barked at him and this man was standing with his back to the fence freaking out, lol. When I went outside, the guy is like "get your dog away" and I'm like "you shouldn't have jumped over the fence without checking first" hahaha.

Another time when I was walking him on the street, a man was also walking on the street towards me. My dog stopped walking, stepped in front of me, and stared down the guy til he past me, then my dog turned around and watched the man walk for a ways before my dog felt safe for us to continue on our walk.

Most people are afraid of my dog when they see him as he looks like a wolf. He is very special though. When my kids would play outside, he would be out there with them keeping an eye on the people walking around the neighborhood.

He also loves the outdoors, always goes camping with us.

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Sounds like a great dog. I don't even know him and I love him. I like protective dogs, but only if you can call them back.

It makes you wonder about the man you passed on your walk. Did the dog sense something about that particular man, or does he do that all the time?

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Sounds like a great dog. I don't even know him and I love him. I like protective dogs, but only if you can call them back.

It makes you wonder about the man you passed on your walk. Did the dog sence something about that particular man, or does he do that all the time?

That is just what my dog does. This man was just taking a walk like me, he had his headphones on, no big deal. All my dog sees though is that a man that he does not know is walking near me, which is when his protective nature kicks in. When the kids would be outside, my dog would sit in the grass, and if anyone was jogging or just walking on the sidewalk in front of our house, my dog would get up, stand in front of the kids and just bark until the person walked farther away.

That is how he has always been.

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I have a dog but only in my dreams...haha. She will be short haired and floppy eared. She'll be chunky and love to sit on my lap. I can crave a dog at times like nobody's business! My husband won't allow animals in the house, and I wouldn't do that to a dog. Actually, a pit bull fits my description, but I hear they need a pack leader and I'm too passive to fill that role.

Our daughter took her Siberian Husky with her when she got married (also one blue eye, one brown eye!) Fortunately she drops him off now and then so I can get my doggy fix!

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I lost my dog five years ago and I do not want another one.

She was my only friend for 11 years and I loved her so much. She was a Great Dane, dark gray with white socks. I do not think

I can take another dog.

I can't help but cry

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