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Here Some Poems


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 Here is some new and updated poems. Enjoy.


Popping Pills


I'm popping pills all the time
Give me more, it will be just fine



I'm popping pills deep into the night

I'm dinking it down without a fight


I'm popping while taking a drive

Don't pull me over, I take no jive


I'm popping pills while writing this poem

I'm doing this while at home


Popping pills is not for all

If you have some and not using it, give me call


San Juan Hill


Coming to get your thrill

It was found at San Juan Hill


In New York City this spot was found

And Jazz music was its sound


People hanged out there being cool

They took their stick and played some pool


If you were at a club for a glance

Before you know it, you will dance


San Juan Hill was a place to be

A hangout for you and me


Life a Gamble


Roll out the dice

You can do it only once and not twice


Where you land, you do it with dare

At times you can see life is not fair

When playing cards and know what you are doing

Play to win before your opponents are brewing


Playing cheeker to reach the other side

Knowing you have nothing to hide


Play games with a smile on your face

Don’t let them think that you are in a race


Life is a game oh how sweet

Do not go too far, stay off the street



Another Day


It’s on another day

Life can be a game, let us get up and play


You brush your teeth and brush your hair 

Yes, life is not always fair


You come to work and arrive late

By doing this, it could be your fate


Enjoy what you are doing and have a smile

It only lasts for a while


Before you know it, there is a stop sign ahead

It tells you your day is over, hit the bed




It takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach us

We cannot live without it, it is a must


Sunlight makes one's smile

It only lasts for a while


Sunlight makes flowers grow

Flowers for you it is like gold


At times sunlight are enjoyed by few

All the time, this sunlight can be you


 Floating on a Cloud


I'm floating on a cloud all day

By doing this I'm far away


Turning off the TV and internet

Because I was floating without a bet


Floating on a cloud you will feel the breeze

Not only this, but it will also put your mind at ease


I see nothing on land

If you want to float, then grab my hand


Enjoy your day in the cloud without any kind of pain

Before you know it, you wake up in the rain



  Alphabet City


 Come on where the scene is pretty

 You know what I'm talking about, it's Alphabet City


 Let us hang out at avenues A through D 

 It just you and me


 Let us go to Tompkins Square Park

 Having fun until it gets dark


 We are going to the Stone

 And make it our home


 Let us go to Rue B and Sidewalk Cafe

 Hitting them all at once, it will be okay


 I will reach out to Kliendeutschland

 And I will give her and others my hand


 Out from ashes in 1970's she didn't look so pretty

 In the 21st century, now you can see the beauty of Alphabet City



 My Queen


 When a woman treats me nice and it can be seen

 Then she is my queen


 When a woman treats me as a human being

 Then she is my queen


 When a woman comes into my dream

 Then she is my queen


 A woman. who is brown, white, black, or green?

 Then she is my queen


 When a woman who makes me a part of her team

 Then she is my queen 




 Gypsy Women



 Gypsy women dances in the street

 They do this with no deceit


 Gypsy women are a special pearl

 They can be seen all around world


 Gypsy women knows how to play the tambourine

 They do this as they sing


 Gypsy women swirls all around

 They move along with every beat and sound


  Gypsy women shows herself everywhere

  If they are my neighbors, I don't care


 Gypsy women has been around for a long time

 They come in different shade of colors and that is fine





Women should be treated with respect

Are many doing this? I would not bet.


Women should walk in any place with the doors open

No matter how or no matter when


Women should be praised of what they do

Giving them flowers is up to you


Women should be equal by all

Who will pick you pick her up if she falls? 


Woman should be in a special place from the start

They should be in every man’s heart


Women are made by Jehovah

Many times, they show more love?


Women make mistakes all the time

By ignoring it, then your dinner will taste just fine







What make you hi or low?

Run to it!! Go!


What taste so good and sweet?

It makes your heartbeat


Chocolate makes you crave

You will pay for it, you will not save


Chocolate make the world go around

It can easy be found


Chocolate makes true love grow

Don't tell me, you know


What is the best dish you ever taste?

It is chocolate that you never waste


What is on your mind 24 hours a day?

I'm going to eat chocolate after I pray





Love goes further than anyone can go

When love catches up to you, then you will know


Love will make you crazy

If not, your heart is hazy


Love will make you happy

Flowers for you, see


Love will make you sick

Pills anyone? Take a pick


Love will make you cry

It will take your heart. Why?


Love is not blind

Because whom you love is one of a kind


Love is built in us

Anyone is taking it out is having a fuss


Love is strong

Hate is wrong


Love goes across all boundaries

It goes deeper than all seas


Love is soft

I will make you aloft


Love is jealous

With our imperfections, it can cause malice


Love conquers all

Anyone having it will stand tall


Love will never fade away

It does not come cheap, you will pay


Love will last forever

Can you buy mine? NEVER!!




 Every Woman


Every woman can do many things

She does it when she sings


Every woman can clean the dishes

And she has many wishes


Every woman can mop the floor

She does it like a chore


Every woman can clean every room

While using the broom



While in good mood

Every woman can shop for food


Every woman can dust

It is a must


Every woman can enjoy life

She does it as a mother or a wife


Every woman can dine

With a glass of wine




 It is raining flowers

 It has been lasting for many hours


 It is coming down hard

 Although it soft, don't stand your guard


 Yellow, pink and green

 It is the most pretty rain you ever seen


 Red, black and blue

 Grab this one, it is for you


 Brown, white, and gray

 Grab some for your woman so she can enjoy her day.


 Raining flowers is not a dream

 Just look out the window and enjoy the scene




 They are sweet

 They are people whom you have to meet


 They can laugh for a while

 And that is what makes them smile


 They are wearing sun glass

 Yes, they got class


 They are tall

 I hope they don't stumble because that what make them fall


 They have ears

 So, they can hear their fears


 They have a mind

 With a high IQ and that is fine


 They have a heart

 That beats of the chart


 They are short

 At times they are building a fort


 They have feelings

 While expressing this, they give us many things


 They came from Jehovah

 He is the God of love




  A Computer with Feelings



  I dwell in homes and many buildings

  Yes, I'm a computer that has feelings


   I'm full of wires like rest of them

   I was made at IBM 


   I am program what to do

   Yet, I still love you


   At times, they repair me

   Yet, I can see


   At times they push my button so I can start

   Yet, I have a heart


   At times, I don't cost that much

   Yet, I can feel your touch


   At full capacity, I make a buzzing noise

   Yet, I have a voice


   At times, I am for sale

   Yet, I can smell


   Before you know it, I will be out of date

   But don't be surprise if I have a mate


   Sometimes I live beyond my life span

   Why? Because I was made in Japan

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