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New Book: brother Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig on the Giraffe's Neck

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Hello dear friends,

yesterday 'Evolution News and Views' (an excellent website that rejects Darwinism as an explanation for life's complexity and diversity and defends Intelligent Design) has announced a new book on the Giraffe's Neck from our beloved German brother and now retired geneticist Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig. >:D<

The book is (take a deep breath): "The Evolution of the Long-Necked Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis L.) What do we really know? Testing the Theories of Gradualism, Macromutation, and Intelligent Design."

It seems brother Lönnig (who has also written several articles for Awake! and some brochures) has enough time now to write books that defend Intelligent Design, a theory that seeks scientific proof for intelligent causation of certain features in nature.

This is the link:

http://www.evolutionnews.org/2012/07/the_giraffes_ne062711.html (<img src=)'>

There's also an Amazone link to the book in the article.

Could be an interesting read in case you are planning to take the kids to the zoo. You will impress everyone lol!


brother Richard

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Thanks, Richard! I suppose he doesn't always reveal himself to be a Witness when he was quoted in the literature, and perhaps that is just as well, since his scientific expertise would speak louder that his devotion to Jehovah. His argument about the giraffe can really catch the eye of the evolutionists.

ETA: In only one place (out of the three that I found) did he reveal himself, along with several other scientists who are Jehovah's Witnesses-

*** g 9/06 p. 21 Why We Believe in a Creator ***

A long, long time ago, I kind of thought of becoming a biochemist, but my life went in a different direction. I am glad to see that one could be a scientist and a Witness, although I know that it would take a lot of determination and faith to do that.

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Thanks for posting Richard. It was a very interesting read. Last week I watched part of a video of two evolutionist who couldn't keep from saying "that is the way it was designed" and then back peddling trying to say that that was not what they meant.

We cannot incite if we are not in sight.___Heb.10:24,25

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You're welcome sister Roberta,

you're right about Wolf-Ekkehard. Not only he, but ALMOST EVERY scientist who dares to stand up against evolution as an explanation for life's complexity and diversity, will face vicious attacks and/or ridicule. The ID movement really tries to find scientific proof of design in nature and serves as some kind of international umbrella for Christian, Muslim and Jewish scientists, but also agnostics and those who are honest and willing to acknowledge the weaknesses and limitations of Darwinism. In spite of their sincerity, the ID movement faces regular media bias and personal attacks.

You wrote: "In only one place (out of the three that I found) did he reveal himself, along with several other scientists who are Jehovah's Witnesses-

*** g 9/06 p. 21 Why We Believe in a Creator ***"

That's true, in the brochure "Was Life Created?" (2010) the same text was used as in the Awake! article, but without his background as a JW. Unfortunately, it was needed to write: "Lönnig believes that life was created. His comments in this publication are his own and do not represent the opinion of the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research." That is very telling, don't you think?

You also wrote: "A long, long time ago, I kind of thought of becoming a biochemist, but my life went in a different direction." That's ok, you did what you did. As long as you're happy and serving Jehovah, it doesn't matter. We have eternity ahead of us! It will be breathtaking to see how Jehovah will build and reactivate the DNA patterns of all who will be resurrected. Talking about biochemistry!! I work with elderly people in the health-care and my boss really wants me to follow courses in order to become more qualified. He asked me twice, but I stay where I am, my family time and free hours are too precious! More responsibility means more hours, other shifts etc. Nah, I'm happy now, why should I change my life?

Anyway, in case you're a nurse (looking at your picture)...I'm proud of your humble work. I know how satisfying it can be!


brother Richard ;)

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Yes brother Lynn, that is a very entertaining clip! I assume you mean psychologist Randolph Nesse and famous evolutionist Richard Dawkins. During their discussion, they tried to hide that the appearance of design wasn't real design because it would be bad design. Their evolutionary interpretations make them overlook two important things:

a) bad design is also design (having a flat tire doesn't mean my car wasn't designed, as ID advocate and biochemist Michael Behe explained in Awake! sept. '06)

B) they reject man's fall into sin, which, according to the bible, has led to more and more degradation instead of more and more biological complexity. They misintepret the biological facts!

Blessed is the truth brother, Jehovah would never fool us. He is light, while "darkness itself will cover the earth, and thick gloom the national groups" (Isaiah 60:2).

Colossians 2:8 "Look out: perhaps there may be someone who will carry YOU off as his prey through the philosophy and empty deception according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary things of the world and not according to Christ". :bible:

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