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Okay. My phone line has finally been fixed. Yipee. But tonight I got a call from Microsoft. I don'tknow how they got my Landline/house phone number. I don't give that number out. 1 I don't know this one of by heart, 2 I remember and am mostly out so I give my cell No, Yes I still have some issues, I have Ran the Chuckcombo again, And done all again. They rang to inform me that My computer is full of Malware. Type in the run box the word Event..da! di! da! I looked and saw a new area of like history and files that had errors and this and that. The lady said Because my computer is out of warranty they could fix the problem for $118..I said I couldn't do that. I think that maybe this call is a scheme of some sort. She was persistant and when she hung up. I figured out how to clear the data of the files containing all of the junk. So I was wanting to know. If Microsoft will normally call you up out of the blue to help you fix your computer. Tell you to buy a tech support for the year. Oh and Even when I joined the Forum I used my cell phone no.? They said they would call back in a few days. I just wanted a heads up please?

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NO-ONE can tell you over the phone that there is anything on your computer. It is a scam. Do not be taken in.

Did you ask for their number? If they ring back, get their name and number and tell them you are ringing Microsoft to confirm who they are before you do anything.

Do not ring any number they give you. Find Microsoft's number through Google and be sure it is genuine.

NEVER part with money because someone tells you to.

My 2p.

I am sure Musky will have a more detailed explanation soon.

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Thanks Chris & Ruth. I appreciate your input.

I have heard there is a few scams going around. The phone number is Private. I have many ring to change my phone service provider, & I have been waiting from my phone company on a do not call list

they ring right on when I have to do dinner & tend to the kids, But my phone line has been down for most of the year, A rep from Telstra came and fixed my lines, He showed me in the hole, the lines were just touching and with all the rain we've had water had got to the wires as else well. I have been expecting a call from them. To tell me of any refunds they are promising to give me back.

I didn't give out any card details or anything like that. The woman who spoke to me was pretty persasive and she said I put you onto my tech he will advise you. I said I can't pay/ He got ticked off. Rude. So the Flags went up. They said they would call back in 2days. She told me to go to the run box type in the words she said. I found a lot of files that had errors and found how I could delete them .I guess I am still learn, there is so many components to a computer that can store information in so many places. I usually clean under the hood etc. Now I am more aware I suppose.

Thanks for the advice Chris. Its taken me some time on the money issue, Its too hard to make.& too hard to keep.

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As previously said so well, IT IS A SCAM!

Microsoft does not call anybody. Even if you wanted to talk to them, you would be connected to their call center in India!

All they did was show you how to view your temporary files and browser offline files. These can really add up and should be cleaned out. There will also be some corrupt files that Windows has already replaced with good copies. It does this automatically (usually)

Download this free cleaner and run it, you will be surprised at how much hard drive space it recovers. (depending on the system)

Cleanup 452

It will ask you if you want to do a "trial run" first, I usually say no.

They will ask if you want to donate after the cleaning, but just say no.

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Hi Gabe

I got the infamous call today, they tried to tell me they have been getting multiple errors coming from my computer, he hung up on me when I told him I was a computer tech and that I could handle any errors. So much dishonesty in the world, Im so glad I have the truth.

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