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Android phone - Enabling background data??

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Whenever I want to access Google Play Store on my Android phone, it tells me:

Background data disabled

Google Play Store needs background data to be enabled.

With two options: Quit and Enable.

The problem is that when I hit Enable, it takes me to Accounts and sync in Settings where there is no option to enable background data! What am I missing here?

Thanks for any help.

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Try going into settings, then "Data usage" then hit your menu button and make sure "Restrict Background data" is not checked.

Also, if you just got the phone, you may have to sync Gmail at least once to enable the background data.

No it's not checked, and Gmail is synced already. Google Play Store worked before, so I don't know what the issue is.

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Try going into "application manager" then "all" Scroll down to the "Google Play" app, tap on it and then tap "force stop", Then back out to your home screen and try Google play again.

This is just one solution, there will be more to try if this doesn't work.

Also, if that didn't work, back in the "Data usage" screen, try scrolling down to "Goggle play" in the list of apps (if there) and tap on it and see if just it's data is restricted. (uncheck, restrict background data)

The play store is a little buggy, just like the old app market was.

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Dear Bro. Chuck

Can you help me understand why when I go to open my email from bro. David Silver for his attachments my phone say mail still on server? Thanks in advance.

You need to look in your email apps settings and uncheck anything that says "Download headers only", or something like that. Or click on "get details" in the email itself. Different apps use different terms so there is no way for me to know exactly how it will be worded.

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Hey guys maybe you help me with my Android phone. I have an evo shift 4G and my husband has Evo 4g 3d phone Somehow we have Google Voice. When we first got the phone we had a regular voicemail. They wanted us to pay for it and we did not so we winded up with this Google Voice. It is so annoying. You have press one everytime you get a call. It sends texts of the voicemail which are absoultely comical. You cannot read many of them. Anyone know how to get rid of Google Voice and reccomend an app for voicemail that does not leave me pulling my hair out lol

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That's funny how people's opinion and experiences differ. I love Google voice and use it daily in my business. I am always amazed at how accurate the text renderings of the voice mail messages are. I also like how I can set up different voice mail messages for different people who call me. I also have it set that is anyone calls me after 5:00 PM, their call goes right to voice mail unless they are one of my personal contacts, then GV let their call go though to my phone. I have used my Google voice phone number for so long, I have to look up what my Verizon phone number is.

I never "press one" for a message, I have the Google voice app on my phone and it pops up and plays the voice mail message for me when I tap on it just like a little media player.

If you want to stop using GV, just go to your Google Voice home page and remove you phone from the settings and then delet the Google voice app from the phone. Most carriers supply voice mail as part of their service package, I don't know of any that charge extra for it anymore, but I'm sure there are some. I don't know of any voice mail apps that can intercept a phone call to your phone as your carrier can without assigning you a new number as Google voice does.

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