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Neighbors cigar habit

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Need your suggestions on this situation.

I live in a multi family dwelling and have asthma. The guy behind my unit loves smoking a cigar each night and the smell leaches through the adjoining walls.

I shared with him I have asthma and have trouble breathing when he smokes. Therefore if I caulk any openings around pipes in my unit along our adjoining wall - would he do likewise. He agreed.

To my knowledge we've both done so...but his stinky cigar can still be smelled in my unit.

I keep spraying fabreeze air or other air fresheners....but nothings cuts it.

Any recommendations?

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Sorry to hear this Sis. My dear wife suffers from triad asthma and I know how bad it can get...scary--

The only thing I can come up with is to have a positive air pressure differential in your rooms as opposed to his...that way any smell or smoke wouldnt leak into your place, but the more pleasant odors from you would waft pleasantly over to him...

You can close all your windows except one and in that one put a box fan aimed into the room, so you are pulling outside air into your house.

If all other avenues are closed off, the extra air pressure will go out the cracks or leaks and keep the smell out of your area....

I understand this may not be possible due to weather or other factors, it is just the only thing I could think of right now...I pray for your continued better health....

this may not be the best time to mention I used to smoke pipes and cigars and the smell of a good cigar is, well,....enjoyable...

naw, I wont mention that---:shutup::cowboy:

Hope you get relief some how.....

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You might try getting a good air purifier. I am staying in my parent's smoke-saturated apartment (to help care for my mom who has terminal lung cancer), my mom smoked about 40 a day for 25 years here, and the walls are brown! I stay in the bedroom that is the least affected and we have put on some air purifiers that help a lot! I have asthma and it isn't so good here, but the air purifiers make a big difference. I don't know anything about them, but the kind we're using says "Honeywell Enviracare true HEPA filter" on it.

Here's one on Amazon: Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

I don't know if this is the one we have or if there are less expensive ones, they're not cheap but it may be cheaper than moving? It might benefit your asthma in other ways, too. :)

Hope you find a good solution.

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Need your suggestions on this situation.

I live in a multi family dwelling and have asthma.

I keep spraying fabreeze air or other air fresheners....but nothings cuts it.

Any recommendations?

Wouldn't spray with these things if you have ashtma, they have nasty chemicals in that are no good for folks with breathing problems. I wouldn't use them when my little bird was alive for fear of poisoning him, they often warn you in small print on the container about these dangers to pets and asthma sufferers in UK. I would have free literature about help to give up smoking available - we don't like to think he is hurting himself either. The air-filter or purifier may be a way to go.

Even if he stopped smoking,or your 'plugging the stink' worked, I reckon you would still smell it for a while, because nicotine gets into the fabric of buildings and stays there. I was given a very nice coat by a relation that smoked and it took many washes before the stink was gone. My sympathies sister.

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