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Global Warming? Or Something Else?

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Actually, if you read the article you so kindly provided, this can be big trouble. We are having 90 degree, plus, weather here, the Los Angles area is on fire, and snow in the mid west. We are some five inches below our rain fall level. That is 5 times 27,000 gallons we are missing. We are expecting a huge, (big fish) salmon run, with the river down, a fish kill is possible. A while back, we lost some 32,000 fish in a kill.

Meantime, us and our 5 cherry trees. Worms in cherries. Ugh. Crop gone. We have not been able to produce a decent garden for a couple of years. Debris is coming in from the Japanese tsunami, in our area. So, what about our air? I do not give merit to conspiracy theories, but I do believe we are not told the hall of it by the government. I find out the more serious things, sometimes, by listening to BBC.

For me, the conclusion is that our food chain can be interrupted, really fast. For us, it is not a future we have to live in, but the temporary result may be hardship for us all. But I stress temporary. Hope is backed up by faith, and that faith is an anchor for our very being. It will be scary, but nothing Jehovah cannot get us through.

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There so much going on that people don't know in Gov you'd be amazed. I'd give you something to read written years ago but I don't think there is enough time left, really. Everyone needs to dig in to the truth and put the wagons in a circle and get ready.


Climate change is in a huge controversy - I can tell you one thing for sure a global carbon tax isn't going to stop it ;) But that is the goal, that much you can read for yourself.




Things change all the time - in reality it doesn't matter because as a group Jehovah's people will survive. If you look at all the things that are killing humans and there are MANY happening at the same time,  as Jehovah's people we can clearly see that there is no way to reverse any of what has been done, that is to say that man can't reverse it. In fact he continues to find ways to release new monsters on himself. He will be stepping in soon or we'll all be dead.


The food chain has been interrupted already and is one of the many wonderful things killing us. There should be a thread started on that topic - things killing the world - list them.

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