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Are Morals Older Than Religion?

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Frans De Waal recently published a book called "The Bonobo and the Atheist: In Search of Humanism Among the Primates," which synthesizes evidence that there are biological roots in human fairness, and explores what that means for the role of religion in human societies. CNN's Kelly Murray recently spoke with De Waal about the book.


The links below will take you to a couple of stories that have been written about his studies. 







This brought to my mind what our most recent Watchtower said. The article entitled "His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen." There might be a new thought. I don't remember "the world's creation" ever having been explained that way before. I won't spoil it for you. You will have to read it yourself.


Anyway, Mr De Waal has no excuse. He can clearly see the signs pointing to a Creator but he refuses to see it. He has no excuse for ignoring it.


It is interesting to see how twisted the reasoning of an atheist is. The wisdom of this world is definitely foolishness with God.


If he wants to know where morals come from all he needs to do is read a Bible.

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I appreciated this point in the May, 2013 Awake! article about a Jewish woman who reexamined her faith. She said, "People who believe in Jesus are lost." A Christian asked her, Have you even read the New Testament?" When she answered "No." he asked, "In that case, aren't you being ignorant, expressing an opinion on something you know nothing about?" She then read the Christian Greek Scriptures and was surprised at what she found out. She continued her research and came to a much different conclusion. All we have to do is continue looking and we will find the truth. Many people quit before they find the truth, partly because they really don't want to know. "My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with facts!"

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I too love that article and am going to send it to a Jewish acquaintance of mine. 

I liked her thought where it says:"In 70 C.E.-37 years after Jesus died-Roman armies devastated Jerusalem, and the genealogical records were either lost or destroyed. Thus, to be identifiied genealogically, the Messiah had to appear before 70 C.E."

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