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Can Anyone Read This?

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These poor women, I can't imagine going through what they have been through. The story is pretty graphic and I honestly didn't make it through the entire thing. The first picture shows a girl laying on a bed with two books. I can't read the book but it looks like an Examining the Scriptures to me, anyone else able to read it?


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It does like like our literature.  It is sad.  I saw a show on 60 minutes years ago about this condition and the way the women were outcasts.  It showed doctors volunteering their time and resources to help.  I had never heard of anyone having it except briefly touched on the subject in nursing school.

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The near chances of this happening are increasing in our country. Thankfully, It is treated here before this terrible thing happens, but the danger of it nearly happening occurs because certain ethnic communities have come here and not integrated into our society. Their girls are married far too young, then expected to bear children  or they are subject to female circumcision even though this is officially illegal.


Heavily pregnant girls arrive in this condition at hospital in labour, but are unable to give birth naturally because their birth canal is too small because they are too young or someone in the family has sown them up and the Doctors have to work quickly or the girl will be damaged in a similar way to the poor soul in the report.


Superstitious ignorance of the older generation says they will not be able to marry unless they are mutilated and married off early and will be cursed to be childless if tradition is not followed. Many are in Purdah so the authorities do not know they are in the home and many only arrive at hospital in distress to give birth, having never been seen previously throughtout their pregnancy by any doctor either.


We have had documentaries about this on UK TV and Radio for 4 decades that I remember, yet nothing changes.  Austerity kicks in, and charitable Aid sent to other countries to alleviate poor Health Services is shown to be  intercepted by the countries' corrupt armies and governments or charities turn out to be criminal gang scams. The British Government has exposed so much of the millions it has sent for Aid as not getting there that they are cutting back on it to save money to the anger of the corrupt governments who were lining their pockets with it. In the meantime, ordinary people carry on struggling to survive without help - It is a sure sign we are near the End of the Last Days of this System of Things.

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