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  1. Not really true, but to others it may seem that way. Good points anyway.
  2. I recently been interested in cooking. Better late than never. Lol. Since I don't have a lot of time or energy, I purchased a new instant pot....a pressure cooking pot. I really like it because it simple and faster than my old crockpot. I recently made pot roast and also spaghetti sauce and pasta. Turned out really good. Wondering....Does anyone else use a pressure cooker? If do, what recipes have you found to be simple and good? i would like to find a good rice and beans recipe with a lot of flavor. Maybe Mexican or Mediterranean style.
  3. They'll get millions of letters and probably quit reading after a thousand or less. But they'll definitely get the message.
  4. I think it wise to let the elders in Russia along with the branch handle that. They are more familiar with the ins and outs. We could make it worst by trying to jump in without direction. Jehovah and the FS are not going want anyone and everyone sending literature...digital or paper, under the present circumstances. People could be imprisoned..... or whatever. We don't want that risk. Let the brothers take care of it.
  5. I wonder why the branch does not do that. Perhaps it's good to wait and see first.
  6. Wasn't that a little before your time Shawn? Maybe you're older than I thought.
  7. i think it just means that it's no longer available for download on jw.org
  8. I loved the following from our recent study: kr Chapter 8 pp.13 As remarkable as those achievements are, they should not surprise us. These magazines contain the message that Jesus said would be preached in all the inhabited earth.—Matt. 24:14.