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  1. I really have no idea...just that that area around the Dead Sea is extremely salty. If she were in a forest maybe it would have been wood.
  2. I loved the following from our recent study: kr Chapter 8 pp.13 As remarkable as those achievements are, they should not surprise us. These magazines contain the message that Jesus said would be preached in all the inhabited earth.—Matt. 24:14.
  3. You had to rub that is in our noses didn't you? Expecting 12-16 inches of snow today with strong winds
  4. I think this topic is starting to shift out of Neutral. Is that the middle finger in the above post?
  5. The above comments of sister Samira and the sister from Texas she cited as praising trumps decision, is an example of what I'm talking about. Because one is Arabic in name and looks, she has unjustly experienced prejudices based on that. The sister from Texas is from a state that has seen many illegal immigrants come in and create problems for US citizens. Right or wrong, Each ones experience influences their view in the current political climate. If we're not careful to be neutral we could even be at odds with one another. Some may think they're being neutral by not agreeing with the president. But being neutral means not agreeing or disagreeing. Disagreeing can just give the appearance that we are sympathetic to the other political party. Just understanding that the world is a mess and no matter who the leaders are, how unlikeable they are, or how charming they may be.....they will be forcibly removed and replaced by the Kingdom.
  6. Carlos, I don't think it's a matter of whether Trump is right or wrong, logical or illogical. I think because of the political climate that currently exist, it's wise to avoid even appearing to take a side with certain emotionally charged topics. What ive seen happen is one brother or sister agrees with Trump or disagrees. Another has the opposite view based on background and upbringing or being more or less informed....then the debate ensues. Or they are speaking to someone at work and now cannot claim to be neutral. Just much wiser to keep focus on the real solution. Personally I have an opinion....it's hard not to, but I have to bite my lip often.
  7. That's a given. They disagree on 99% of everything.
  8. I think the way Jehovah sent his son, not only as a ransom, but as a way for us to understand him. Jesus said "if you've seen me, you've seen the father". Now we know exactly what Jehovah is like .... in a sense we've "seen" him as a human....or at least the exact representation of him......so much easier to relate to than an invisible God in the heavens alone. That showed great love and wisdom in his part.
  9. And the Battle begins!
  10. I hope not. I have a son who travels to many Muslim countries for work in the oil industry, and is actually home based in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently he happens to be in working in Houston TX.
  11. I don't think the ban includes Italy. Only predominantly Muslim countries.
  12. I was surprised to hear they were detaining even those with proper documentation. If that continues we may see a great deal of civil unrest.....much more than we've seen before in the US.