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  1. I knew a guy who was an insomniac, agnostic and dyslexic. He would stay up all night wondering if there really is a dog.
  2. People from Boston are "wicked smaht".
  3. There are many young men and women who have knowledge of the truth but have never been baptized. They get involved with the world and even end up in an immoral relationship. They usually stop going to meeting and we generally forget about them....because we know they have made their decision. If they put forth some effort and show an interest in coming to the truth we extend a hand. Williams sisters seem to be in that catagory. Now that she has a child and as she gets older she may develope a more rational perspective on things. We don't like what she is doing, we don't condone it at all. We also have to be careful we don't write her off. The problem with talking about a specific person on a forum like this is it can be construed as gossip or maybe meddling in someone else business is a better way to put it. True she's made herself a public figure...but that doesn't mean we have to discuss her personal life and criticize or support her. Those of us who have children who have strayed understand they are on very dangerous ground and have made a terrible choice. But we would not like the congregation discussing and criticizing them very specifically when they gather together in their homes or on an Internet forum. I believe her parent/parent are still witnesses. Out of respect for them we might want to avoid it. I've never had anyone ask me about these girls being witnesses and behaving badly but if someone does....i'll just tell them she is not a member of the congregation. I think she favors JW's as far as religions go, but she is currently doing her own thing. I think most people understand that.
  4. Where can I buy this "magical underwear "?
  5. That's actually the name of a beauty parlour in my town.
  6. Not really true, but to others it may seem that way. Good points anyway.
  7. I recently been interested in cooking. Better late than never. Lol. Since I don't have a lot of time or energy, I purchased a new instant pot....a pressure cooking pot. I really like it because it simple and faster than my old crockpot. I recently made pot roast and also spaghetti sauce and pasta. Turned out really good. Wondering....Does anyone else use a pressure cooker? If do, what recipes have you found to be simple and good? i would like to find a good rice and beans recipe with a lot of flavor. Maybe Mexican or Mediterranean style.
  8. They'll get millions of letters and probably quit reading after a thousand or less. But they'll definitely get the message.
  9. I think it wise to let the elders in Russia along with the branch handle that. They are more familiar with the ins and outs. We could make it worst by trying to jump in without direction. Jehovah and the FS are not going want anyone and everyone sending literature...digital or paper, under the present circumstances. People could be imprisoned..... or whatever. We don't want that risk. Let the brothers take care of it.
  10. I wonder why the branch does not do that. Perhaps it's good to wait and see first.
  11. Wasn't that a little before your time Shawn? Maybe you're older than I thought.