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  1. Naslov na hrvatskom je: Nemoj(mo) odustati! Dragi brate tako mi je drago zbog vas. Siguran sam da ce te uživati u pravoj gozbi.
  2. Today , we read a letter about 2017 convention. Brother mentioned a theme: don't give up (this is free translation from Croatian) Food in the right time. Can't wait.
  3. New Watchtower is online for January 2017
  4. On the may broadcasting we received new broshure, maybe this time a new book?
  5. I think that from GB the first will be bro. Lett.
  6. I have only 2 symbols one is to mark the page and when I press this other one seems that nothing happen.
  7. For android Question When I tap anywhere on the text then pop up two marks. One on the left is to mark the page but what is the right mark - for what?
  8. So, no update on any platform ... android, iOS ...?