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  1. thank you very much! I tried to install this in the jw library, and it works! greetings, Henk
  2. Hi Sebastian, when you see the new mp4 with the text and hear the music, you see it is correct!
  3. in Dutch works Android update, version 8.0.14076, since about one hour.
  4. the Portugese [Portugal] translation isn't there anymore! only the brazilian version Henk
  5. the number of languages is still groing, yet is russian there too! at this moment there are besides English another 16 languages on the site. kind regards, Henk
  6. @Jerry: wow, that's working, very fast. thank you! Henk
  7. Hi, the link in post #1 isn't working anymore. Last Saturday it worked fine, but since yesterday no longer. kind regards, Henk
  8. There is a part of the monthly program November on JW Broadcasting about this class! Take the time to look! total program: 57 minutes. greetings, Henk
  9. for all of us from other countries: put first your language on your phone / tablet to one of the 18 languages in the app mentioned, then install the app, choose the first language, wait until it is installed fully, then choose the second language, wait again until it is installed fully, and: normally spoken: it works! [tried it by my own tablet] greetings, Henk from Holland
  10. Version


    the music and the lyrics from song 128 from "sing to Jehovah"
  11. Hi, i logged in, and read the topic: Netherlands, and the question to translate the frontpage of the Pieter Keur-bible. But I see that Mena it translated very well. Thank you, Mena! Vereenigde Nederlanden = united Netherlands, in the period 1588-1795. Nederlandsche language = Dutch language Kind regards, Henk