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  1. oh yes, this is getting good....very, very, good!
  2. We might not necessarily have to "go" anywhere. We may receive instructions to stay at home with the door locked and curtains drawn. The point is to be ready for whatever happens next. You may have to leave your home if mobs are forming and roaming the streets. Who knows what's going to happen next, but it will happen fast. Having a 3-day supply of necessities like it has been suggested by the GB is just makes good sense.....
  3. Just watch and see what happens in the US in November..........I predict major chaos Get those to-go bags ready!
  4. They look like a bunch of kids having a tantrum........
  5. I have video but no sound on my phone, but it the video will not load on my computer. Please post updates from meeting!
  6. Respect for different faiths ‘bedrock’ and ‘prerequisite’ of world peace, UN General Assembly told Article: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=53880#.Vy5WgHo-g3I Excerpts: ..........Terrorist attacks all over the world, however, demonstrate clearly that achieving harmony and strengthening intercultural and interreligious dialogue is a great challenge and perhaps more important today than at any time in the recent past, he said. Noting violent extremism as a serious concern, he said that there is a clear need for the international community to unite across all religions and all countries in response to such threats, align strategies and provide resources commensurate to the task........... ........The Secretary-General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism recognizes that security-based counter-terrorism measures cannot eradicate terrorism unless preventive steps that address the roots of the problem accompany it. The Plan identifies distortion and misuse of beliefs, ethnic and cultural differences as one of the drivers of violent extremism. “The engagement of religious leaders is essential to counteract the messages of the leaders of terrorist groups who distort the core of religious beliefs for self-serving purposes,” Mr. Al-Nasser said, urging religious leaders to assert their rejection of violent doctrines, emphasize the peaceful and tolerant values inherent in their theologies, and condemn the destruction by extremists of ancient sites that are the testimony of the history ancient culture sand symbols of pluralism and tolerance.........
  7. France has had two 4.0 earthquakes within the last 5 days.......
  8. I wonder if a Memorial will be held at his Kingdom Hall...... What a Witness it would be, and can you imagine the mass of celebrities that would attend? Praise Jehovah's name!
  9. Wow, hope to see him soon in Paradise! Link to article
  10. Interesting times....... Link to article
  11. I LOVE SABINA!!! Because if Sabina can do it, we all can!!
  12. This whole thing was a total setup. I read somewhere that the sister was also accused of having a bomb in 2009. They saw a cash cow and went for it.