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  1. If Jehovah has a prophesy; Satan would try to prevent it from happening. Jehovah keeps a certian level of spirit in the world to keep it from being to evil; as in if it became so evil the evil ones would just kill everyone off. scripture says Jehovah leaves good things to give a witness to even the wicked.
  2. they can eat it for worms and such... mix with food.. or spinkle it around where flees might be outside or inside.. supposedly kills them.
  3. Satan can't do anything if Jehovah doesn't want whatever satan wants to do. Gives me the idea that Jehovah prophesied all the governmental switches of the wild beast with the king of the north and south as a taunt to satan to try to change them and preventing prophesy; just showing that Jehovah is still in control to a relative degree; not letting things get to bad.
  4. according to the nature peoples... diatomaceous earth
  5. well.... I guess i'm a big baby when it comes to a decent cold/flu.... but frequency compared to females... no clue.
  6. who knows. i don't trust much of anything anymore.... unless i'm in the science field doing the research....
  7. strange. i went to look earlier today and didn't see it... finally see it.
  8. more reasons for the "wild beast" to hate the harlot.
  9. I always remind myself that all on earth are Jehovah's "creation"; If he resurrects some that will respond to mercy then we have more to honor Jehovah; scripture says those who have more to be forgiven also have greater appreciation. Hopefully thier hearts are not in winter time unable to repent. scripture also says that all things will be forgiven accept sins against holy spirit. Our "fear of God" will help us to practice mercy with all.
  10. They are not out of danger.... the concrete spillway is still dirt to water.... i don't see how that is good; hopefully the damn doesn't fail(well technically the dam is fine). looks like it would cause a lot of destruction. (Not sure where the flood area would be as no ones put anything online with graphics as far as i could tell); but it looks like it could cause problems in woodland; sacramento; the delta.
  11. I scored 1 on this test.... but if i was younger i'd get more; but spiritual training helps.... and the school of everyone knocking you silly...
  12. owe.. i don't need a test to know i'm narcissistic.... Its a terrible to try and get rid of....the world views it as unhealable/correctable.. however you want to say it.
  13. I thought brazil was a large economy?....strange.... do they even have to pay for a military?
  14. everything boils down to energy..... yet he has some how "organized" this energy to make matter....
  15. ..... I probly should use it more..... But its in its golden age of use..... the pages have a tad of fluff to make turning pages easier.