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  1. I think they are talking about how in the greek scriptures the only way they can put Jehovah in the text is recognixing where in the hebrew the quotes are from and so they are putting jehovah back in where those quotes are............ why they aren't there in the first place is a little strange to me... but i'm not a scholer or translator so.... but i understand the logic.... just not why the greek text don't use jehovah's name anywayz?
  2. just no..... seems like another way for bad metals to leech into your body and cause problems.
  3. ya... sometimes the cleaners clean little to much. I've had a number of programs that shouldn't have been "cleaned" get erased. lol
  4. here's my issue with "insurance" ; the premise is that its suppose to be a shared expense; the shared expense should not be a shared expense of making corporations profits.
  5. one of my cousins who owns an electronic store said his premiums quadrupled. from what i can tell its just the wild beast getting more greedy for wicked gains.... nothing the kingdom won't fix..... i know i like to talk about mercy...but for some judgement will be deserved.
  6. Its obvious the agenda: so obvious..... anyone who can't see it......... really need to be shaken....
  7. this is a dirty/ground vitamin from what i understand bacteria.... ground root vegetables has it in it; just don't peel them. I've also read that your lower gut produces it; not sure why they say if it does it doesn't get into your system; cause if you read about coffee enema's the caffeine gets thru...... B-12 also from what I've read is very good at staying in your body l?--- although some say b-12 is a water vitamin and they get rinsed out of your body fast....(lots of conflicting stories) personally..... if your worried about it; i would do pill form b-12.... not animal form of b-12. B-12 from animals is from them being dirty.... from what i understand.... anywayz.... I'm not a scientist doing my own studies... so pretty much at the mercy of what poeple write....
  8. you won't die going vegan.. i was vegan for 7 years. lost 70 pounds.... most of what you want is to reduce drasticlly the animal products you eat. eat more fruit and vegetables then you use to. drink clean filtered water. reduce sweets no chemical foods of any kind cook old fashion foods from scratch. introduce probiotic foods to change your gut flora. you can do 2 to 4 day fasts.... to help with cleansing. and do anti fungal things.... your not gonna live longer then others.... but it does make life a little easier to some degree... imo... and if it prevents cancer and other auto immune things.. well then great... there is a chance tomaking it to arma...
  9. ....... can't wait for the new system and not having to worry about poison food.
  10. fruit/nutz..... don't eat much.... makes you sleepy. 8D water....not soda.....
  11. Revo Uninstaller does this as well.
  12. Norton has a feature where you can tell it to restore and ignore the red flag for future scans. i do that when i'm confident its a good program and its only getting flagged cause its new.
  13. wisecare 365 is also very good even unlicenced.... my norton wouldn't let me install it; but it didn't find any viruses; but norton has this "reputation" setting that if something comes out new it just calls it a I haven't been able to figure out if i should install this yet. lol
  14. if your worried.. go with the lighter roasts....
  15. I just think of the scripture about Jehovah's dynamic energy created everything... so simply put we and everything is energy but highly organized.... we are all part of Jehovah's energy. They say that physical mass is actually an illusion and that we mostly are a bunch of space in between all the particles making up atoms and what not.... so ya.. highly organized from Jehovah's power/wisdom/ and understanding.....