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  1. The thing with flu vaccines is that you become a spreader of the flu for 30 days; so flu season probably really starts when they start telling people to do "flu shots"..... I think the term is called "shedding". Its kind of part of the conspiracy stuff.. so take it how you personally i don't want them putting needles in me anymore.... I've had enough adverse reactions in my life time....
  2. Should do some research on when "flu shots" start and when "flu season starts"..... what makes china pigs and birds any different then others in the world to start the flu season?
  3. I'm in the opinion that global warming is a scam. I know of no one that lives near the ocean that has said the waves have risen. I know rev. 11;18 says ruining the earth..... interestingly.. there are 2 earths.... physical globe and the "earth" of mankind..... obviously both are being ruined...but i kind of doubt all the "global warming" stuff. CO2 emissions just feed the plants and gets drawn into the oceans... The real issue is if the oceans are dieing to polution; that would cause co2 levels to raise though as the ocean is a huge co2 sponge when needed.
  4. the kitty is helping to clean up. 8D the fire..... looks dangerous....
  5. i was taught to stand for the pledge but no hand over heart; and sit during national anthem at some event.... Now i would probly not want to go to events where the anthem was in the US do to the recent media coverage with the NFL.
  6. I'm sure its the orthodox church..... Russia considers themselves a christian nation....pretty sure....
  7. i took the class thinking maby it could add to some understanding to the way the world has developed their thinking.... but if they are gonna be unreasonable...I'd rather focus on Jehovah's word. I found in my efforts to understand mental illness with the world thoughts on it that it hurt me spiritually; so i stopped trying to understand in thier words and found spiritual ways to understand somethings that helped. the only thing i got out of the class was a picture that had me think that the universe is made out of some unseen DNA direction and control on the energy that's used to make the universe. shrug....
  8. i took a philosophy class..... owe man... they want to brain wash you. wrote an essay as an assignment and the teacher/(or whatever you call college instructors) wouldn't accept my paper when i said the "particular philosopher believes this"; as they want you to believe the philosopher as opposed to Gods word. I even quoted scriptures that were relevant; but nooo; they want people believing in immortality of the soul..... silly rabbits... i quit the class.
  9. I'm lost.... don't remember this one....
  10. Pineapple express..... nothing new. although being a pattern instead of a one time front is kinda new. but we;ve had worse years for flooding.... wonder if being dead of winter for pineapple express is new?... not sure. seems kind of early for it.
  11. charging obnoxious taxes for water when Jehovah gave it to us for free.
  12. drought. they are obsurd... the only drought that this wouldn't help is thier over use of ground water. just another reason why Christ kingdom will be far better.
  13. is it raining hard up there? I'm near Concord and its just a big let down from a lot of hype about rain amounts.
  14. the little cry was i think in 97? 87? forget... it was Babylon the great had a year of Peace and they had all the religions pray together somewhere... we had a kingdom news campaign that year i think.