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  1. might check your services and processes.... turning off an active service that is running sometimes might do this. right click your taskbar: start task manager: turn off any processes that are watchtower library related. could also try installing the update with "run as administrator": just right click the install file and choose "install as administrator" worst case........... if you have the right CD that can be upgraded from the internet.... just unistall reinstall and re patch....
  2. the swirly can be all kinds of things........ could just be simple ISP issues between your computer thru the chain to servers....... may have nothing to do with your computer...or your house....or your modem.....but be the ISP equipment in your nieghborhood. could be that patches are being sent out causing problems.... could be over used network traffic because of huge idiots doing DDOS attacks in the world or...... could be that your hard drive is starting to go bad......... Or..... that your memory is throwing out errors and your computer is having a hard time reading everything.... or..... microsoft(or whatever OS) is stealth downloading patches on your device..... If it keeps being an issue.... make sure your up to date with drivers........and if still an issues... test your memory and hard drive to make sure...
  3. some prophecy about the "sea" and its agitation?... something like the nations won't know what to do about it...or something like that...
  4. whats your price range.....? the 100 dollar price range gets pretty dodgy...... i tried one at amazon at 110 bucks but it was pretty cheap construction when i got it and i sent it back. The chinese models at Gearbest have a lot more stats to them... a lot of the american models are still selling 3 to 5 year old models and gear as if they are the latest and greatest. stats to look for: atleast 4 GB ram memory 4 quad CPU or better 64 storage expandable to 128 the duelboot models that have win10 and android/remix OS's are nice. IPS screens keyboard docking support HDMI port more then 1 USB port is nice(mini and C ports) not sure if you need cellphone connectivity.... if you have enough storage you just download the video's you show at the door.. seems like for 200 dollar price range you can find a decent model at gearbest.... just goto amazon and compare the american stuff and you'll see they are trying to push some pretty old stuff with like only 1 gb ram.... small storage sizes.... etc etc... not sure what to say is a goto option for sure.....
  5. another article.... apparently its just in bill form at the moment.
  6. I don't understand if they are saying if Jehovah's Witnesses are banned they can be banned? or they also are getting banned liked JW's?
  7. hopefully thats not a bad place to post a link from.... it has the full transcript...and possibly the full video....... its actually really long... I have to admit this really seems to be leading somewhere. it may not yet...but you never know. 8D
  8. dominoes are present....I can't say this is anything new that hasn't been done....but the dominoes are definitely there.
  9. when persons get an adverse judgement.... they will deserve it....
  10. ...sorry.. i read "sob" as probly not what you intended....
  11. Not sure what to say and what not to say. I think; as an organization; filled with a lot of opinions that its taken some effort to get balanced on the topic. I don't think anyone should be controlled into not getting some "education" if that's what they want to do: but i think the reasonable dangers should be considered. For example.: i know a brother back in the 90.s who did go to a 4 year college and into the dorms; but after seeing the environment choose to get out of the dorm and went instead for 2 years; his training in architecture the brothers felt was useful for bethel and he became a bethelite. Some back then were pretty negative about education that if you went to college of any kind that somehow you were going to fall out of the truth. But if you look into brothers that have taken the lead many of them were university trained; They in retrospect felt that the truth was much better of course; but saying that no one should get educated is a bit controlling IMO. So its all about principles; goals; motives; reasons. The society needs well trained persons; the new system may need some well trained persons in some fields. I don't think anyone should be controlled with this decision; but the brothers make some good points. Just keep to the scriptures in your motives and make your own decision. We all need some income in this system; if we get married and have children you will need more income; If your gonna work 40 hours a week might as well get more per hour. Just know that as soon as Christ reveals himself and the kingdom everything about electronic banking will end. The great reset will happen. so i think its wise to keep things simple and become content with less; but that doesn't mean you need to be homeless. not everyone can go to bethel; or goto missionary assignments; or be poor to where you have nothing to be generous with. And congregations need strong families to support them and the organization. Just stay devoted to Jehovah and not yourself; not this system; not to a life style. Just be balanced.
  12. gonna laugh if the cry of peace and security is from the religions.....and then (ok.... i have watched that show) the governments blindsides them....
  13. i usually copy and paste scriptures from the websites bible publication pages.... sure that doesn't answer your question... but its an alternative i guess. 8D
  14. public opinion certainly is being worked on so that when they turn on religion not many will feel surprised.....
  15. abortion way more of a sin in my book. not to down grade immorality....but abortion effects innocent life.