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  1. Some don't have internet at home either! Just cell data. Very limited. Very expensive. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  2. TonyWenz

    California Fires

    Fires one side, potential Hurricane other end... again! [emoji302] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  3. TonyWenz

    Snack food w cheese.

    Needs bacon... (Canadian of course). [emoji23] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  4. Another clever argument posted on their website. Ann Gauger writes, "Think of a situation where you have to crack the code on a bank vault, with many dials in the code, say 150, each specifying 1 out of 10 digits." https://evolutionnews.org/2018/11/in-arguments-for-intelligent-design-definitions-and-assumptions-are-important/ Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  5. Well spotted John. Sorry I missed the point, electronics! May I suggest that the flash drive, would probably radiate less 'electronics' than a DVD player, or even a TV. They are (usually) hermetically sealed, and run on 5v or less, so very little electro-magnetic radiation. And you would save on DVD's, as you can reuse the flash drive. Maybe (or maybe not) even prep it by wiping the flash drive down with an appropriate anti-bacterial wipe. Some are specially designed for electronics. (As long as the cure is not worse than condition...) Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  6. Many TV's and DVD players have a usb port. This will often allow you to play straight from the flash drive. No need to burn, just reuse the usb stick. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  7. I heard it is always gassy on the sunny side... [emoji573] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  8. TonyWenz

    My off topic thread

    To give them time to think of something nice? [emoji848] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  9. TonyWenz

    Canada, Eh

    I realized being from Downunder, I can read a bit of Canada speaks, but it's the accent I struggle with. I watch a bit of Ice Truckers, and I have to put the subtitles on... I think it might be from the British roots we share a little in the common ancestry. For example, we also say Zed (for Zee) But the way it is vocalised shares no similarity. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  10. 'nuf said Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  11. I still cannot find The Seahorse’s Tail on the Video on Demand section. Hmmmm Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  12. I had a quick look as well and I could not find it. I expect it will be with the other videos in the app>Media>The Bible>Creation Just a guess. We might have to wait for an update. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  13. TonyWenz

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Come visit the Southern Hemisphere. Our days are getting longer! [emoji295] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  14. I'm all in..... no wait, I'm half in, I want to hedge my bet.... (that way I'm not fully gambling... [emoji23]) Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  15. TonyWenz

    No-Shave November

    Yes, one more....see if we can set a new 'Most Posts Ever' record... (Pic borrowed from another thread) [bait-lol] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]

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