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  1. TonyWenz

    Public talk

    Just thinking about interest arousing intro, what about something like a person in a refugee camp looking through the fence to better conditions. If you see the benefits, you may be tempted to see what you have to do to get there. Are the benefits worth the effort? Are they real? You can compare conditions now with future conditions... Now you have a motive to examine further what is required of you. This could l also be a motivating force to make necessary but hard changes... Just a passing thought... Still waiting for some idea about illustrating courage. My ideas sound more like Trust than Courage... Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  2. Interesting read. I feel for our friends over there... Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  3. Looks like a backup file for Win 7 and Vista. You can move it to another location (ie usb drive or Hdd), but it will require you to locate it if your system crashes... Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  4. TonyWenz

    Literature cart weights.

    I got some small pieces is timber about 3' long . Prop under the handle, and just press the other end into the ground. This is only good for facing into the wind. Other than that, for wind coming behind the cart, I have some spare tent pegs and hammer (which we use to secure our gazebo) and I pin the cart axle down. This only works is you are on soil. On pavement or roadway, I have some 'dumbbell' weights to put in the bottom of the cart, but as yet, not used them to see if 5kg per cart is enough for our wind gusts. We have always been on 'soil'. Please let me know what worked for you... PS Our Gazebo is pegged and tied on all 4 posts. Always! Never know when a gust blows in. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  5. Funny. I thought the same thing. Did they name a hat after him? If so, he is not wearing it. [emoji3449] {Clean shaven too...} Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  6. Good job on the photoshop! I thought it was funny either way. I suspected photoshop, but I was wondering if there may have been a 'behind the scenes' joke running. That is another thing I enjoy about TV Broadcasts. We get to see how well balanced our responsible brothers are. Not pious or pompous. They can have a joke now and again. But they are wise and display insight when they explain deep truths (like 1914). Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  7. I don't know if this pic is real or photoshop, but he did the video explanation of 'The Generation' we had on owr NWM recently. It featured Bro F Franz as a young man in 1914, and worked forward from there. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  8. TonyWenz

    Public talk

    As for entry, I remember one where at rides, you have to be 'this tall' to get on the ride... Entry exams for University Entry to police force Fit to be a fireman... Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  9. TonyWenz

    Public talk

    May I suggest a website called jw illustrations. There are illustrations by topic. I don't want to hijack this thread, but I'm after an illustration for courage. Talk 166 is Facing the future with faith and courage. Nothing on the website for me. [emoji22] There was one with a boat with 2 oars, one called faith and one called works... Not quite what I was after. How do we illustrate Courage? And courage by faith...? Suggestions are welcome. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  10. Thanks. Didn't know that. Dr DOS sounds better than Idr DOS...!! [emoji1787] Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  11. TonyWenz


    To me there is a marketing ploy to get a catchy name to grab some market share. I do think this market is the new battle ground over mid-sized screens from 6-10inch ie Android v Windows (Google v Microsoft) My take on it is this: Microsoft was dominating the laptop & PC market, and took its eye off the ball when phones came along. Google pushed ahead and polished it's OS (Android) to become a real contender for bigger things. So have a real choice of 2 powerful OS (operating systems) in this mid-sized market. I pity our WT Society, now having to write our apps and Libraries in different formats, not knowing who will win. I was enjoying having the WT DVD run on my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone years ago. But Microsoft lost the battle in the phone market, and Android became a major OS in the smartphone market. End result: You can now buy a chromebook or tablet (with or without keyboard) or phablet, and run many (but not all - well not yet) PC based (MS Win 10) productivity tools. Price, size, weight, battery life, GPU speed all factor in. Expect 3-5 years of life, then the landscape will have changed, and start again... And there is Apple... https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/microsoft-surface-go-chromebook Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  12. Could I have more information please? Is it a typo in French and English? Spelling? Diacritic? Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  13. My cover is also flaking here in the tropics. High humidity here too. Just 2 stripes on the back of the binding on the fold. Nothing as bad as the previous photo. Just get a new one every 3 years. Give the old one to a used book shop. It may still be of use to someone... Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  14. TonyWenz

    My off topic thread

    All 1, 189? I'm impressed. I cannot even count that far! Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  15. TonyWenz

    My off topic thread

    Book of Barnabas too? Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]

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