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  1. Yes. A good wife is a great blessing. Prov 30! Just Older [emoji856]
  2. One of the best articles written... g94 1/22. Just Older [emoji856]
  3. One of the books I read, said that introverts have a 'persona' that they send out to handle the outside world. Only close friends get to know the soft mushy insides. Most only ever get to know this persona. Oh they are such complex animals! Just Older [emoji856]
  4. TonyWenz

    Nuns on the run!

    ... and the silly auto-checkers that swap words that you have spelt correctly! live v love is one of them. Just Older [emoji856]
  5. TonyWenz

    A good joke

    I've worked it out... Sprinkle the shells on the ground, when you here them crackle, you know there is an intruder. Throw the 9mm and knock them out. Clip their thumbs together while you wait for the police... Just Older [emoji856]
  6. Does it get better??? Just Older [emoji856]
  7. I 'hate' (relatively =love less) the fact that she is perfect in every way. Knows what to say, what to do, when to say it, when to do it, knows what is going on, when it's going on all while multi-tasking everything, doing all things better than me. 20 steps ahead of me. On a positive note, I've learned to live with it. 40 years this year. Just Older [emoji856]
  8. TonyWenz

    A good joke

    I'm worried about crime, so I asked a friend from Texas what I needed to defend my home. He said a 9mm, a couple clips, and a box of shells. I put it together pretty quickly. Still not sure how it‘s suppose to work, though... Just Older [emoji856]
  9. My sister works in HR and is registered to 'profile' people. My 2¢ worth (based on what she says), is that we all have preferences. There are extraverts, there are introverts. In a similar way, there are tidy people and there are the more creative types. That is not to say that the creative ones cannot be tidy. But it is a different tidy! Of my 4 children, I have 2 of each (in an interesting mix). If they are asked to tidy their rooms, they will do it. But the results reflect their preference. My 'tidy' kids room in an 'untidy' state, was better than the 'tidy' state of my 'creative' kids. So my long winded story leads to this... not everyone will be able to reach the same standard, because it is not in them. For some to reach the peak that others can achieve, will just lead to disappointment. So do your best and be happy with it. The key is to do it, not just let it slide. If you let it go, then it will be very cluttered (comparatively). (They make TV shows of these poor soles). So in conclusion, be balanced in all things. Clutter, tidy, OCD can be relative. I agree with the sentiments of the book, but it will be unattainable for many now. IMO Bring on perfection! Just Older [emoji856]
  10. Here is the antidote: https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellness/marie-kondo-s-everywhere-and-now-she-s-in-your-living-room-20190111-p50qwb.html Just Older [emoji856]
  11. Listen to him. Let him pour his heart out. It may only be 'wild talk' while the pain is intense. But ask him to reach out to friends (like you & his local elders) to get some combined wisdom. Just Older [emoji856]
  12. I'm unaware of written instructions. I like to wait a few seconds to allow all to find the song on their devices or books. But that is my personal approach. Just Older [emoji856]

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