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  1. Just found out I am long sighted. I pretty much have to make changes/adjustments now. The little but important things we take for granted. Hmmn.:perplexed:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      That is so true. I’m near sighted, and my husband is long sighted. I cannot imagine being caught without glasses, and not being able to read. But, then, I’ve worn glasses most of my life. Just normal for me. He hasn’t, and gets caught. 

      Then there are the friends, “where are my glasses”. It’s funny to see the young ones wearing reading glasses. Including my son! 

      One day, teehee, no more glasses, period! 

      (I was wondering what country you are from. It finally came to me the term I’m used if is, “far-sighted”. I couldn’t think of it earlier!) the term. 

    2. Vinnie


       I have drooping corneas (keratoconus) Glasses are so much of a nuisance but the alternative is cornea transplants - not happening!  I hate it when I have an eye lash in my eye so I'm not having someone stick needles in my eyes for nothing.  I'll wait for Jehovah to fix me.



    3. Squad


      @ Miss Bea, yes the term is actually 'far sighted'. But its common where I am from to use the term 'long sighted' instead. I am from Nigeria.

      I was told I was born 'far sighted' and my youth has been compensating for this refractive error but now that I am older, it can't keep doing that.


      @Sister Vinnie, Yours is a peculiar case. Sorry that glasses doesn't help.

      One day, no more glasses.


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