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    Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain
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    Yes 2016

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    I am from a non religious background. I used to work in a bar and the Witnesses would sometimes come to the bar where I worked and meet up for coffee at the end of their field service. Over time they informally witnessed to myself and other staff. At first I was not the least bit interested but one day I heard them discussing the subject of evolution vs creation. When I was at school evolution and genetics had been a big interest of mine so I sat down and listened to the conversation and begin to ask questions. With my interest well and truly ignited in the bibles scientific accuracy, the witnesses returned to see me with literature and eventually I started to study. I devoured the Teach book and Gods Love book and loved studying. I was baptised two years ago and thank Jehovah each day for sending the witnesses to me and also for helping me to actually hear and take to heart their message💗

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    History, especially bible history, swimming, reading, walking
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    I read so any different genres, but my favourites of recent times were The Two Babylons by Rev Hislop and The Bible as History by Werner Keller
    My other favourites are Wuthering Heights and David Copperfield and Mist Over Pendle
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    Soft Rock, 60s 70s
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    Ice Age and Madagascar, Nick Parks animations, Dirty Dancing
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    Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need

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  1. I like your point about Anglo American, not Euro American. It makes sense. 😂😂Lol at Trump & Brexit being blamed for everything😂😂Very true.
  2. The tarot revival thanks to Brexit, Trump and Dior - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44471537 When I read this I thought Satan must be full of glee. More people than ever turning to Tarot cards to help them understand the uncertainties of todays world. Fashion house Dior using tarot/ occult symbols on their clothing which inevitably will be copied and end up in high street shops. In particular, I noted that the idea of tarot is appealing to a higher number of young girls. I thought that was a particularly insidious way for Satan and his followers to snare the unsuspecting populous
  3. This is one of my favourite scriptures. I love Pauls honesty when he describes how difficult it is to do what is right because he has knowledge of gods law, but in his body he is captive to sin. It helped me alot when I was still studying, and trying to get my lifestyle more in line with Jehovahs standards. It really inspired me to know that if someone like Paul struggled, then it was natural that I too would struggle
  4. That's interesting. Sometimes I wake up feeling overwhelmed by sadness and I dont know why. Rationally, I know its because Ive dreamed about something but I dont remember what. It works the other way too and I can wake up in a particularly happy mood. When I was young, if we woke up in a grumpy mood my mum used to say "You've got out of the wrong side of bed this morning!" This confused me because my bed was up against a wall😂 . I could conclude with "Sometimes I wake up Grumpy...but sometimes I let him have a lie in"
  5. This scripture is pivotal to our preaching and to the bibles message.... but why can I never say "emnity", no, err, emynitty, anymitty? Nope, just cant get my tongue round it
  6. SueFrog 

    Well, you asked for it.....he is named after a dog on the greek island of Kalamaki😹

    Many years ago, myself and my hubby visited Kalamaki and it was beautiful and romantic and everything we could wish for. One of the "Local Characters" of our village was Dave the Dog. Technically he was a stray but he was so friendly and lovable. He regularly did his rounds and visited all the apartments and got fed in every bar. On our return from that holiday, we literally stepped out of the taxi and their was a stray white kitten meowing on our doorstep. Long story short,  nobody knew where the stray kitty belonged but it was clear that he had adopted us. We went through the obvious choices of names for him, but "Dave" seemed so right. 😂

    So there ya go, 

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I love this.

  7. When you've had a busy day and you feel like you 've really achieved something. I love the moment that you slip into a bed with crisp clean cotton sheets and start to relax with a good book, feeling accomplished and content with your day
  8. I am proud to declare to the world that I officially love dates. (The sweet brown squishy type). I cant believe I have reached the age of 50 and never tried them before until recently

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    2. rocket


      So how often do you have a Date night?

    3. shans81


      I like them with a cup of tea :) Curbs sweet cravings!

    4. shali


      They pair great with bacon and blue cheese!

  9. I saw this story too. What an amazing thought provoking story, on many levels. Not only the physical implications of artificially terminating a life, but how, in the past people have sought to impose their will on others regardless of the desire of the individual concerned. In particular, many young girls who had abortions were vulnerable and faced unreasonable prejudices from society
  10. I love the moment at the hairdressers when they wash your hair and really massage your scalp, then add conditioner and massage your scalp all over again😴😴😴. Other than that you cant beat getting lost in the pages if a book, either the bible and JW stuff or a cracking novel that you cant put down😁📚
  11. SueFrog

    Flog It!

    Thats fascinating. So much detail and information to be gleaned from that depiction😊
  12. Im fed up of hearing them babbling on about "Brexit"
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44410597 Did anyone read this on the BBC news website. I wondered if it was another step closer to the banning of religion?

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