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  1. Spiritual or physical fatigue. In that mental picture I can see jehovah leaning over putting a finger in our hand and just hoping we grab hold.
  2. LOL I liked them when I was a kid. I think because of the name. But I also liked snakes, alligators and frogs. I’m weird like that. 😜
  3. Maybe they were in the middle of working on something the first time you tried. They probably thought “there can’t be that many reading Ezekiel right now!” 😂
  4. Thanks. I was hoping something had changed to the point I could just download directly to my device without all the extra steps. 😕 oh well, maybe one day. Appreciate the replies!
  5. I looked for a thread about this but didn’t find one. Is there a way to download the music into iTunes on phone directly? I’ve done it in the past only by a multi step event. I downloaded to a windows media, converted it and then put it in iTunes. Is there an easier way? I’d like to have them as a playlist on my phone.
  6. When I lived in Fl I noticed a big decline in the swarms of love bugs and when I go back to Coquina beach, there aren’t as many coquinas which makes me sad. Maybe the pesky ones have increased because the beneficial bugs have declined?
  7. BLEmom

    Hey You Guys!

    Exactly what I thought of when I saw the title! #livedthrough80sfilms
  8. BLEmom

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    You’re not done yet? Not to say to a pregnant sister
  9. I’m really surprised none of you brothers mentioned the emissions that come from eating beans as a cause for concern. Are you not using the gas chronometer to measure those emissions? Im kidding here brothers. 😉
  10. I was going to ask if you had ever met a baby but then realized you answered that. 😉. Seriously though, babies are prime examples of the metamorphosis of taste. I couldn’t get mine to do any kind of mashed green, they wanted fruits. They now eat all kinds of veggies. I’ve heard that returns in old age, the craving of sweeter foods. Another factor is hormones. Pregnancy anyone? That will get you eating more of certain foods and hurling at the smell of others. If our tastes didn’t change, how could we learn to like new foods?
  11. Can you pinpoint the spice or herb that hit you wrong?
  12. I remember the point being brought out that Goliath had brothers. One wonders how fast David could sling stones.
  13. BLEmom

    Total Eclipse of the Super Moon Tonight

    I sat outside with three layers of clothing, a sleeping bag and a flannel blanket from about 10:30 until 12ish. It was sooooo cold but I saw the whole eclipse and the red moon. Totally cool. Played the original song Inspired by your wonders a couple times too. My 15 year old sat out most of the time with me. Can’t wait to enjoy these things in peace soon!
  14. I wouldn’t eat it cold. 😝 but that is me.
  15. Lol was it perhaps curry pumpkin soup? A lot of people never exposed to curry have a hard time at first. There are also different curries depending on where they are from, some I like some are just ok. My my whole family loves when I do soups like that including teen boys. I bet it was just the spice combo that hit you wrong.

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