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    I was raised in the truth, left at 14. Started studying again at 28 and was baptised at 30

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  1. Following. Just came back from the Sunday of the Be Courageous convention 😍 Im ready for the cry of peace and security
  2. Men and women are different... who would have thought 😆
  3. shans81

    Needles in strawberries

    I heard on the news some companies were using some type of X-ray to check the stock before putting it on shelves. People are just sick. I don’t understand what anyone could get out of doing this. I just worry now idiots will copy and put them in other fruit 😡 We have still been buying strawberries and just cutting them up. Seems such a waste to throw them out, plus then the culprits win then too. Poor farmers 🙁
  4. Things really have escalated from bad to worse. I wonder how bad Jehovah will let it get before he steps in. The governing body have told us that we shouldnt expect things to get so bad that people are forced to admit we are living in the last days. I dont think we are far off that. We really need Gods Kingdom asap!
  5. I know what you mean. The world has become so abhorrent that it gets too much. This particularly upset me tho, and the fact that it’s happening so often too. Satan is busy
  6. And he stayed in the house for a few days after their deaths too. Just horrible
  7. This is the third such killing in Western Australia in 4 months. People are asking "what is going on"? You mention anything about the bible and they scoff. So sad people who dont know Jehovah are so lost with no hope. Its hard to deal with you know the truth let alone when you do not. Poor babies https://www.9news.com.au/2018/09/10/11/50/perth-family-murder-mother-mara-quinn-children-charlotte-alice-beatrix-in-bedford?ocid=Social-9News The man accused of massacring his family in Perth stayed in the home for several days after the killings, police allege. Anthony Harvey, 24, has been charged with murdering his wife and their three children on September 3, six days before the bodies were found. Perth Magistrates Court heard via video link yesterday that he is accused of murdering his mother-in-law the following day. Harvey appeared in court in Karratha, 1400km north of Perth in the Pilbara region, in jeans and a blue T-shirt and spent much the time with his head down. He did not speak other than to confirm his name and that he understood the charges. He is accused of killing Mara Harvey, 42, their three-year-old daughter Charlotte, twin two-year-old girls Alice and Beatrix and Ms Harvey's mother Beverley Quinn, 74. Mr Harvey was remanded in custody to appear again in court on September 19. The accused is expected to fly back to Perth today or tomorrow. WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson confirmed several weapons were recovered from the home including knives and a blunt instrument. It is understood a television was still playing when police arrived at the property in Bedford in Perth’s north-east, on Sunday. Mr Harvey allegedly left the home to travel north before handing himself in at the police station in Pannawonica, about 16 hours' drive away. After the court appearance, relatives of the Quinns spoke of their grief. Ms Harvey's sister and Ms Quinn's daughter Taryn paid tribute to each of the victims. "We would firstly like to thank everyone for their help, support and kind wishes during this extremely dark and difficult time," she said in a statement through WA Police. "There are no words to explain the emptiness and loss that we are feeling." She described Charlotte as an "energetic, bubbly confident little girl", while "Alice was outgoing, adventurous and cheeky" and "Beatrix was at times a little bit more quiet but gave the biggest hugs". Taryn said her sister "loved being a mum and she loved her girls". "She was so proud of each of them and was doing a great job of raising them. Her girls were her world," the statement read. Ms Quinn was remembered as "a kind hearted, caring mother and grandmother"
  8. shans81

    Greece fire kills 49

    so tragic and must have been so terrifying for them 😢 Do we know if any of our brothers have been affected?
  9. shans81

    A Shooting in Toronto

    Terrible. I’ve heard reports that two have now died? Can’t wait till we are in a world where all we hear is good news. It’s just horrible living in these last days 😞
  10. Thank you for these, great to have the visual aspect too.
  11. https://www.9news.com.au/world/2018/04/27/19/39/north-south-korea-summit-end-war-family-reunions Thoughts?
  12. True or not when I seen this my first thought was...... ....maybe he has been researching on jw.org
  13. Few hairs will stand on end on Sunday I think. I love these types of talks but a symposium like that is going to be very hard hitting indeed. May very well be our last convention in this system

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