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    I was raised in the truth, left at 14. Started studying again at 28 and was baptised at 30

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  1. Thank you for these, great to have the visual aspect too.
  2. https://www.9news.com.au/world/2018/04/27/19/39/north-south-korea-summit-end-war-family-reunions Thoughts?
  3. True or not when I seen this my first thought was...... ....maybe he has been researching on jw.org
  4. Few hairs will stand on end on Sunday I think. I love these types of talks but a symposium like that is going to be very hard hitting indeed. May very well be our last convention in this system
  5. shans81

    School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    One school shooting in 2018 is too many. It’s a scary thing as a parent, sending your child off to school and not being confident they will return. Our daughter is only in Primary School ( elementary in the US I believe it’s called) but I’m seriously considering home schooling for high school, not just because of the violence, but the sex, drugs, bullying.....the list is endless.
  6. shans81

    Evil Men and System

    Wow what a humble man and an exceptional example of faith and courage
  7. Here’s another article https://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/12/22/06/14/jerusalem-un-vote?ocid=Social-9News
  8. Even our 7 year old without telling her too much looked puzzled when I told her that now two men or two women are allowed to marry. Before I even discussed with her Jehovah's viewpoint she looked at me with a stern face and said " well that just isn't right" Yep immorality is immorality whether it's heterosexual or homosexual
  9. https://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/12/07/15/19/parliament-passes-same-sex-marriage-bill?ocid=Social-9News Its official. Australia has just legalised same sex marriage today. I knew it would happen but i feel so sad. Its such a precious sacred thing in Jehovahs eyes and to see it demoralised like this is just devastating
  10. I'm in Aus and to be perfectly honest I'm sick to death of hearing about it. We have been getting confronted over the issue in the ministry and the brother taking the group this morning reminded us that if we get asked, we say it's a private issue. We do not get involved or interfere in others lives but we uphold gods moral standards. What frustrates me me the most is seeing immediate family members posting their support all over Facebook. Ugh. They only hold the view because it's now become the popular one. And they think we are the sheep! Well actually hopefully we are!
  11. What i meant about having it all in one bag is not good if we get separated in an emergency but each persons things will not fit into a backpack either
  12. What i struggle with is how are we supposed to carry all this stuff? I mean we may not be able to escape via car or even be at home when a disaster strikes. With small children as well i dont know how we would carry it all. At the moment everything is in a large suitcase which is obviously not practical. Any tips?
  13. shans81

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Poor sister Rhonda. At least we know we can welcome her back to a peaceful earth. Prayers and thoughts with her family and friends
  14. shans81

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Just seen this too. Awful. Really doesn't feel safe to go anywhere there is big crowds anymore

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