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    One should never ever doubt what no one is really sure about. “I Am Convinced. That neither ...can separate us from God’s Love that is in Jesus Christ our lord.”

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  1. BTW- income ( as in lowest income earners) does Not equate to wealth. A person can have wealth and “0” income. In point of fact the reason that in the US that the wealthiest people tend to pay very little income tax is because they have “0-little” reportable income. They draw no salary and receive no paycheck. And yet own assets which make them wealthy. It is very possible for a person of only modest income to retire with a seven figure profile of wealth between real estate and stock holdings and never earn a 6 figure income. It just takes planning and those plans often closely match spiritual principles.( stay out of debt, store up in times of plenty , do not make a showy display of your wealth, etc.) Following these principles With a focus on utilizing your time and assets in Jehovah’s Service actually work very well together. Consider this : If a couple follows these initial steps what will be the result. 1. Get a basic education. 2. Get a job. 3. Move out of their parents house. 4. Save up for and buy a modest house. 5. Get married before having children. In the Unites States ( I’m sure it varies in other locals ) this is called the Success Sequence because it results in a very low poverty rate for those who practice. And it’s clearly in line with scriptural principles. But none of these practices would necessarily correlate to a High income.
  2. Just today I saw a tattoo of an EKG strip. It was a real aruyhmia . The girl who had it had come through the emotionally traumatizing and Arythmia inducing divorce of her parents. She got that tattoo to remind herself that she had and could survive bad things in her life.
  3. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    That is really good! I don’t expect it to slow down. In fact it may very well double. There is a documented lag time for warming and cooling. It is why Co2 elevations don’t always seem to correspond with warming. It is certainly gonna get hotter. Maybe I’ll buy stock in a ceiling fan company.
  4. BenJepthah

    all things star trek

    I have a Star Trek pocket watch. Talk about an anachronism.
  5. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    I offer you all this 🌹, please do not mistake my snark (and yes it was snarky in retrospect) for any less concern for this beautiful gift of a planet 🌏 or for any less love for those of you my brothers and sisters who have a different perspective than my own. I love you all, appreciate the topic, and now I shall withdraw. Thank you.
  6. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    Paul Beckwith. He has a degree in meteorology right? Maybe he works at NASA or at Woodshole , or maybe at NOAH ? No doubt he is a very smart man. He might even be right. In which case by now there is absolutely nothing to do but “lye back and watch the planet dissolve “. Getting my microwave popcorn( nope, uses to much coal) my boiled ear of corn ( nope too large carbon footprint) my ear of raw corn ( nope that requires a tractor ) my ear of raw corn planted with a spade in a pot ( nope carbon footprint to forge the spade ) my ear of corn that I used a sharp stone to plant ( but that will give me gas ( methane ). I guess I’ll eat some raw dandelions instead. 🤣. BTW if anyone would like to unload any coastal properties before the sea rises please let me know. Relax friends it’s just not that serious, Jehovah has got this.
  7. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    Who really is destroying the earth? Basic human needs ( food, water, shelter, clothing) are all currently and most effectively being met by the use of petroleum. 1 single gallon of gasoline is roughly equivalent to 9 man hours of labor when properly used. ( just try putting up wood for the winter without a chainsaw and wood splitter). Or try planting a field large enough to feed more than your own family without a tractor. Or try turning several trees into a house. Or try growing harvesting and processing cotton without the use of fossil fuels. In fact the end of slavery can largely be tied to the internal combustion engine. 1 gallon of gasoline equals 1 days slave labor. But prior to the fall of man in the garden of Eden humans needed no housing, clothing, and didn’t need to plant and harvest food. Adam and Eve made no more impact upon the environment than a rabbit. Even less if that rabbit isn’t currently living in Australia. So who Really is destroying the earth? Who is the true enemy?
  8. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    The question of climate change is not the issue : Nor is it a question of there being a human impact. The question of just what that human impact actually is and what it is doing is important. Example: Currently unseasonably cool temperatures are being experienced in the Dakotas due , It is reported, to the particulates from the California wildfires . ( what?) ( How is it possible that something which generates that much Co2 can possibly also be cooling ?) Volcanoes also have been known to cause cooling. ( we are only one Krakatoa away from another ice age). So , how is it that human Co2 emissions cause “ warming”? And why is that necessarily a bad thing? Coral bleaching is probably multifaceted ( as ice caps melt the ocean freshens, all the plastics in the ocean break down into pseudo estrogens, even some sunscreens are claimed to have an effect. But probably the PH of the ocean which has gradually became more acidic is a major contributor( that last one IS probably related to Co2 but has been building since the great flood). How these things become political. Different corporate interests stand to gain or loose depending upon how governments legislate. France is the only industrialized nation to reduce Co2 significantly, but at a trade off of going heavily nuclear . Companies who build electric cars benefit from the idea that humans who buy them will vote for government subsidies for their purchase. The same for wind turbines and solar panels. Other companies would have the voters pressure for Nuclear power plants. There are no white hats or black hats just different hats. It is eronious to assume that anything BUT Jehovah’s intervention will correct this problem. But it is easy to fool ourselves into thinking that one side or another even exists.
  9. So who is “ destroying the earth”? We can claim it’s some “ other” but the reality is that everyone must eat to survive and the current means of food production is dependent upon the internal combustion engine. Many lands cannot produce enough to feed their own population. So, the way I see it , unless the definition of “!ruin” is carefully parsed, we are all of us “ ruining the earth “.
  10. Just curious : does there appear to be Type or types which are highly likely to become Jehovah’s Witnesses or almost never become?
  11. I unfriended Facebook years ago and tossed the Tele soon after. I generally find my mood and ability to enjoy life has improved.
  12. If we eat only Manna would that make us Hu-Manna-terrains?
  13. Let’s now speak of Debt. If we individually are strictly following what Jehovah’s word says to do in our personal lives we also will avoid debt. 1. We don’t incur debt from frivolity such as occurs with Bithday and Holiday celebrations. 2. Our vacations tend to be largely taken on or around our conventions ( and thus more frugal than the time share and cruise crew or the Disney slaves). 3. I wish this were a little more emphasized by the FDS but it is present in scripture ( Proverbs 6:3) debt makes us a slave and we should strive to be debt free. Those of us who can manage to do so find that we are also free to give generously EVEN more so than previously. How do these practices effect our income levels. Not one bit. But how do they effect our ability to build personal wealth? Well, think about it. If you have no credit card, car, or house payments how much could you save up in a month, six months, a year? Do the math. Could you put back enough over your working life ( maybe 40 years ) in an investment plan that would put your net worth above say $800,000 ? And still participate significantly in the ministry? I’m Confident that many or even most of us could. Is this being determined to be rich? I did not see it as anything more than being frugal and a good manager of what Jehovah provides.
  14. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    Let me phrase this a little differently. Does the ice core data demonstrate a correlation between atmospheric carbon ( CO2) and an increase in the average temperature of the planet?
  15. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    I can’t help but muse that somehow “ Lets break the ice “. Is applicable on more than just one level.

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