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  1. I appreciate your creativity. And I’m in the camp that states that , at least for a time their simply must be some form of trade currency. At least until we reach total human perfection. If nothing else it will have to be a kind of Permission Note authorizing the bearer to obtain certain recourses due to geographical necessity. The organization has hinted at using land as the basis for valuation as was once done in ancient Israel.
  2. It begs the question. Which came first the chicken or the egg?Are we greatful Because we are Jehovah’s Witnesses OR Are we Jehovah’s Witnesses because we are greatful?
  3. It would seem that the approach of speaking with authority may have been a bit off putting and fostered prideful resistance. From the Doctors Ive spoken with. They are on board with using NBMM but lack certain resources. It also appears that the HLC now understands that the path to communicating effectively with medical professionals is through Medical professionals. In short : We speak their language. Know their Jargon and is he obstacles they face. We don’t claim to be the Authority, but we can now refer them to those who are through the HLC .Other Medical professionals . Examine the product Oxycyte. It is already approved in some 50 countries ( not yet in the USA). But it is in trials here.
  4. It is possible that the arrangement withJW healthcare providers is very late coming to my area. The impression we received at the meeting we were invited too was that this was first trialed very recently in Texas , USA and so far myself and a few other JW healthcare professionals have found no evidence of anyone else in our part of North America having any similar meeting. So I can only assume that this is a fairly new development. I also assume that other JW healthcare professionals will gradually find this thread and share their experiences.
  5. Keep in mind . In 1990 we did not have JW.org and the compendium of scientific journals on the subject could not be easily accessed . Nor was their such a large footprint of medical staff agreeing to work with us.
  6. My part is simple. I already know these people and they have worked with me for years. I simply introduce the fact that I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, ask if they think their service would benefit to access to an up to date database of the most recent scientific journals / studies on the topic of non blood Medical Management and have access when needed to Medical staff who have agreed to be consultants , Drs . Who have had success with patients using techniques for NBMM ? I tell them about the HLC and offer them the contact information for the HLC in their area. I tell them that the goal of the HLC is to improve outcomes for patients using NBMM. And that a Member of the HLC would love to present what they have to offer to their service.
  7. And NOW : The Chief Medical Resident is Enthusiastic about an HLC corroboration. He Suggested that Surgical Service would also greatly benefit. Brothers and Sisters this is not difficult and is going to be big.
  8. As of this date I have , As an RN, Christian nfirmed that the Hospital I work at has contact information for the PVG and have forwarded contact information for the Cincinnati HLC to the Cardiology department. One of the principle team leaders was extremely enthusiastic about having the HLC for an inservice. She stated that having such a connection would “ greatly benefit” their service as they often have trouble getting referrals for non blood cases. I , for one , am greatly anticipating the outcome.
  9. This is common at present and a prime reason for what I started this thread. Medical personnel who are JW have been asked to make contact with the Chaplain services at the facilities they work at along with the various medical disciplines in order to make arrangements for an HLC member to either list the PVG’s with the Chaplains arrangement in the hospitals or to present the medical disciplines with the valuable data and list of consultants the HLC has built and continues to build. My experience as. VA RN is that the Chaplain service at the VA actively wanted contact information for the PVG but didn’t know how to get it. I’d like for the friends to understand that when a Chaplain of another denomination visits you in the hospital it is often to determine if you would like a visit from the Pastoral Group of YOUR choosing. It is currently a goal of the HLC that these Chaplain services have the contact information for our PVG Brothers.
  10. There are new developments in how The HLC and PVG are being introduced to medical , surgical, and even hospital Chaplain groups through the efforts of Healthcare providers who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you are one of the fraternity of JW healthcare service providers please share your experiences in this endeavor.
  11. I took a break ( to the degree possible ) years ago . I tore the satellite dish off of the house and shipped it back. No TV
  12. BTW- income ( as in lowest income earners) does Not equate to wealth. A person can have wealth and “0” income. In point of fact the reason that in the US that the wealthiest people tend to pay very little income tax is because they have “0-little” reportable income. They draw no salary and receive no paycheck. And yet own assets which make them wealthy. It is very possible for a person of only modest income to retire with a seven figure profile of wealth between real estate and stock holdings and never earn a 6 figure income. It just takes planning and those plans often closely match spiritual principles.( stay out of debt, store up in times of plenty , do not make a showy display of your wealth, etc.) Following these principles With a focus on utilizing your time and assets in Jehovah’s Service actually work very well together. Consider this : If a couple follows these initial steps what will be the result. 1. Get a basic education. 2. Get a job. 3. Move out of their parents house. 4. Save up for and buy a modest house. 5. Get married before having children. In the Unites States ( I’m sure it varies in other locals ) this is called the Success Sequence because it results in a very low poverty rate for those who practice. And it’s clearly in line with scriptural principles. But none of these practices would necessarily correlate to a High income.
  13. Just today I saw a tattoo of an EKG strip. It was a real aruyhmia . The girl who had it had come through the emotionally traumatizing and Arythmia inducing divorce of her parents. She got that tattoo to remind herself that she had and could survive bad things in her life.
  14. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    That is really good! I don’t expect it to slow down. In fact it may very well double. There is a documented lag time for warming and cooling. It is why Co2 elevations don’t always seem to correspond with warming. It is certainly gonna get hotter. Maybe I’ll buy stock in a ceiling fan company.
  15. BenJepthah

    all things star trek

    I have a Star Trek pocket watch. Talk about an anachronism.

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