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    One should never ever doubt what no one is really sure about. “I Am Convinced. That neither ...can separate us from God’s Love that is in Jesus Christ our lord.”

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  1. It’s the Annial meeting in two parts from 2018
  2. Not only have the faithful slave identified Russia and its allies as the KOTN but directly stated how they have fulfilled Bible prophecy by entering into the LAND OF THE Decoration. That’s as solid a statement as I’ve seen.
  3. I would judge that cat at 60 lbs. capable of outrunning a man, ineffectively taking a deer ( it would get a few but not be experienced). It would be very difficult to get close enough to such an animal to taint it . But such an animal out of inexperience could attempt an attack on a human. It’s rare but it happens. Obviously that isn’t the actual cat. At the age in the photo momma is probably not far away but in a few months a mature male will probably drive it off.
  4. In a physical depiction what sorts of things would hinder us from taking Jehovah’s hand?
  5. Depends : on which report is correct. Was the cat 50 lbs or 80lbs. One is a large cub the other an inexperienced hunter.
  6. While I certainly feel sympathy for Sister Christensen I also feel that the prison to which Bro. Dennis is sent will , in due Coarse , be his very own captive audience. In a prison of 1000 , 999 will be in prison . That Brother will merely be in a prolonged ministry assignment.
  7. I doubt he truly “ went looking” but rather in cat land it is always prudent to “ look” . I’ve seen 4 Florida Panthers , they always saw me first , I wasn’t looking for them and couldn’t have enticed them to within reach even if I slathered myself with bacon. But when one of these big cats makes the rare mistake of attacking a man It rarely turns out good. They are elusive to the max when they want to be .
  8. I read someone lace the cat was about eighty lbs. which would make it a subadult. Or young adult. Still even a 35 lb Bobcat can. Kill an adult deer. From the wounds and description of the Jogger he just happened to do exactly the right things that saved his life. Got an arm up just enough to keep the lion from getting a full bite on his head/neck , jammed his arm into the cats mouth and threw his body weight onto its neck. This probably could not be successfully done with a fully mature cat. 👀 forward to the time when such beasts will neither fear mankind more see us as a potential meal.
  9. Yes , a person may not choose to reach out for Jehovah’s hand out of feelings of worthlessness. Such we encourage that Jehovah is bigger than our own hearts. We would picture this person as literally not even trying to raise their hand.
  10. I live near this attraction. It is to scale more or less but is otherwise built with a high degree of artistic liscence. The people I’ve talked to have said it was interesting but had some very speculative features and was fairly expensive. I , for one, will go see it when and if we have to remove or revise it in the new system. I’d rather spend my money on something that furthers the kingdom or my development as Jehovah’s servant. I do recommend the Met tours in NYC.
  11. Based on (Isaiah 41:13) we may think of Jehovah offering us his Right hand and taking our Right hand in assisting us. As if we are lying on our back or on our knees or otherwise vulnerable and not able to help ourselves. Furthering the illustration , if we are literally on our back, on the ground and Jehovah’s offers His hand to pull us to our feet what sorts of things might prevent us taking hold of His hand?
  12. I would imagine that the underwater detonation of such a device would ( especially if well placed ) cause a massive tsunami as well as destroy what remains of the worlds fisheries. Since many of the worlds capitals are coastal they are putting all of them potentially within reach.
  13. That’s even better. I tend to get out Toms confused 😐
  14. Are t the Angels always envolved? Still it would make a good story. Perhaps TRuetom can use the idea. Maybe a new world version of the Hunt for Red October.

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