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    The association I find in our ministry weekly ,Hiking camping ( mostly solo) occasionally. Fishing hunting and wild crafting for culinary purposes.annually Museums.Spelunking, reef diving, ( rarely). Attending parties ( only when I must to retain social standing).
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    Select works of CSLewis, JRRTolkein. Jack London. Historical fiction. But all with caution.
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    Eclectic really any genre so long as it reflects clean expressions and thoughts.
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    Undercover blues, men n black (all), Stranger than fiction ... Star Trek films generally , Bond films occasionally.
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    One should never ever doubt what no one is really sure about. “I Am Convinced. That neither ...can separate us from God’s Love that is in Jesus Christ our lord.”

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  1. BenJepthah

    Plane Stolen from Seattle Airport

    And yet , he did some impressive ones with it.
  2. Clearly there is more to the issue than can be covered properly in this forum. Individual study is proper. But so as to not give the wrong impression it should be clearly stated : meeely having a tattoo should not be viewed as either a sign of ones spirituality or current spiritual state nor a reason to withhold baptism or the means to express love for Jehovah in the ministry. ( personally I have known an Elder who had a visible tattoo on his hand and a missing finger ( associated with past affiliations : let the reader use discernment). I have also known an entire family who bore facial scarifications ( a cultural practice ) who currently devote themselves to Jehovah. I am not ashamed to call any “ Brother / Sister “ whom Jehovah has drawn to Him. All of that stated above I wish to encourage some who maybe reading to widen out their love to include all whom Jehovah is calling.
  3. Well that’s the breaks . The sponsoring community has merely asked me hat she cover up her tats while “ in sash and crown”. What’s the big deal? As to Jehovah’s view , this particular set of Tattoos neither violates Jehovah’s standards nor would prevent baptism . But in some areas she would have to cover them up during the ministry and not in others.
  4. I’m in an ASL Congregation. There is a saying amongst the deaf : There are only three kinds of ASL interpreter 1. CODA’s ( children of deaf adults ) 2. Homosexuals 3. Jehovah’s Witnesses. While this is not actually true It is the case that interpreters tend to be weighted heavily in this direction. From what I’ve experienced only Jehovah’s Organization is establishing ASL congregations. Some churches may have the occasional interpreter but if a deaf person wants to really learn And benefit from Christian association a total ASL congregation really makes a big difference.
  5. The remaining subspecies of Bison ( Wisent , plains Bison , woods Bison) are all technically dwarf species. They are typically 36 inches from horn tip to horn tip and about six foot tall at the shoulder. They , like so many species around today, descend from a much larger ancestor ( Bison priscus If memory serves ) an animal of massive size.
  6. Could a future video presentation of the flight of the Russian Brothers and Sisters be subtitled “ Crossing the FiNNISH line !”?🤫
  7. I’ve been amongst a herd of these animals . They are an amazingly well engineered creature with the ability to do a 180 by pivoting on their front legs. They can tolerate temperatures as low as -50* f and can stall calving for weeks to allow for more favorable weather. This bull clearly had minimal interest in doing harm. I’ve seen a bison cow toss a man like he weighed nothing. They can overturn a truck easily. And yet they will actively avoid stepping on you during a stampede ( they are more aware of their feet and potential for injury than domestic cattle and when your running through Badger hole and prairie dog terrain with the occasional rattlesnake we all should be). And with all that sometimes they can be made into a stead.
  8. Thank you, moderator kindly delete my topic. It is being covered elsewhere.
  9. Christian heartland on front lines of China’s campaign of religious suppression Local governments have shut down hundreds of ‘house churches’ in past few months, with gatherings raided and congregants interrogated about their faith
  10. Further, can the substitute be stored without refrigeration? A really viable substitute should have a long shelf life.
  11. This article from Popular Science is now more than 12 years old ! I’m wondering what other advances have occurred around the world? Better Than Blood? A man-made, pure-white compound called Oxycyte carries oxygen 50 times as effectively as our own blood. Researchers are betting that it’s the best way to treat America’s leading cause of accidental death: traumatic brain injury
  12. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    There are theories that volcanic eruptions are on the rise. A 2014 study found that changes in the speed of the earth’s rotation, caused by factors including the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon, lead to periods of increased volcanic activity. A 2009 study found that the number of eruptions per year has gone up as the earth’s temperature has increased since the ice age. — recent volcanic activity ( while Not wildly on the increase) can not be ruled out as either a contributor or a result of climate change. http://amp.timeinc.net/time/5300004/guatemala-fuego-volcano-eruption-indonesia-hawaii
  13. BenJepthah

    Climate Change News

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/02/us/sea-turtles-florida-red-tide-wxc-trnd/index.html while not directly climate related this is a recurring problem when human factors ( including farming and urbanization) meet pronounced weather events.
  14. BenJepthah

    God’s not dead (2014)

    I’ve seen it. It is somewhat helpful in understanding the mindset of a strongly Antitheist person. That their position is rarely from intellect and usually based in emotion.

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