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  1. Naslov na hrvatskom je: Nemoj(mo) odustati! Dragi brate tako mi je drago zbog vas. Siguran sam da ce te uživati u pravoj gozbi.
  2. Today , we read a letter about 2017 convention. Brother mentioned a theme: don't give up (this is free translation from Croatian) Food in the right time. Can't wait.
  3. New Watchtower is online for January 2017 https://www.jw.org/download/?issue=201701&output=html&pub=w&fileformat=EPUB%2CMOBI%2CPDF%2CRTF%2CBRL&alllangs=0&langwritten=E&txtCMSLang=E&isBible=0
  4. On the may broadcasting we received new broshure, maybe this time a new book?
  5. I think that from GB the first will be bro. Lett.
  6. I have only 2 symbols one is to mark the page and when I press this other one seems that nothing happen.
  7. For android Question When I tap anywhere on the text then pop up two marks. One on the left is to mark the page but what is the right mark - for what?
  8. So, no update on any platform ... android, iOS ...?

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