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    I'm now married to a beautiful theocratic brother and now living in ghana
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    Ghana but from western australia
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    i grew up in the truth

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    teaching others the bible music horses dancing singing
    love my meetings and ministry
    love helping in the quick builds and creative sewing drafting and design..but jehovah is first
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    bible, reverlation book, daniel book my song book, dictionary and any self help books
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    50s and 60s classical flamenco guitar and acapello singing
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    if you are going to learn som thing ..learn it well
    if the job is worth doing ..do it well
    dont judge a book by the cover

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  1. Oh bro jwhess sorry Where are that the network is so bad ? I jus need to update my sign language app for my deaf students. There is always someone worse off than I am. Jehovah will help us all very soon
  2. Jwhess reinstalling the app is fine if you have good network and lots of credit.. but here in ghana and having to reinstall the sign language app takes a lot of cedis as it is all videos ..so it is not that easy or that's what I would have done for the fourth time .
  3. Cooking of food

    Cassave was what I was thinking of too as it is toxic if not soaked a little ☺
  4. Adam and Eve had all the good they needed (fruit) Jehovah also gave us yams ..potatoes and other such vegetables that are usually cooked .. so was it jehovah's intention that we learn to cook or eat them raw as some of these are toxic eaten raw. Jehovah made all verity od foods for a reason ..I can't imagine the potatoes or yams were not for man to use and don't know of other animals that eat them
  5. Jw apps

    Has any one have any ideas on why the jw library and jw sign library won't update On itel tablets
  6. New bible release

    Special assembly note brother letts 1 Cor 7:39 in translation. .. Was pointed out ..if a husband falls asleep .a wife may marry again. .original text....translation to if husband falls asleep in death... found that it is a good point for those whom think the bible should remain with original older text. Second point Jonah ....don't avoid doing anything jehovah asks of us. Interesting fact There are only 3 type of fish big enough that can swollen a man. Whale shark Sperm whale White shark And Jonah was in an area of a whaling port so at that time there were many such whales. .so as brother Letts put it ...not fairy tails as some would believe
  7. I learned there are 2 types of celiac ...one is a genetic past on ftom family. The other is from a Candia yeast infection. The yeast infection come out leasions on the skin
  8. Wow special assembly for the Ga congs New Ga bible released wowspecial assembly was set for the release of thd Ga language bible
  9. Interesting I'm in ghana so the chemicals may be what is causing it ..but my hi is celiac ..the fungus type Cos he has reaction to all bread here and can't get any desent bread
  10. How do.you explain celiac ...you can't eat any wheat .barley or rye cos of the gluten. . gluten intolerance comes with the celiac cos there are cromerzones missing in the digestive. Cows milk.. not for humans thd curds are too big to digest. . And you need 2 different cows milk to counteract the TB factor. Goats milk is the closest milk to human milk and the only milk suitable for babies .
  11. Hello from ghana 

    We have a very interesting  special  assembly  instead  of our usual  Sunday  meet come 28 Oct. Wd don't kn yet what it is about 


  12. Has any one researched the Russian orthodox church?? Interesting. .it is governed by the Catholic Church. .. In years gone by the Russian government gave permission to the orthodox church to persecute religious heritics by cutting off their tongue and burning their eyes out and left to die in a dungeon

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