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    I'm now married to a beautiful theocratic brother and now living in ghana
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    Ghana but from western australia
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    auxillary pioneer
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    i grew up in the truth

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    teaching others the bible music horses dancing singing
    love my meetings and ministry
    love helping in the quick builds and creative sewing drafting and design..but jehovah is first
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    bible, reverlation book, daniel book my song book, dictionary and any self help books
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    50s and 60s classical flamenco guitar and acapello singing
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    if you are going to learn som thing ..learn it well
    if the job is worth doing ..do it well
    dont judge a book by the cover

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  1. Sick sick sick 



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      :wacko: very true sister  loopy 

      SATAN'S  world

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      Just continue letting us know how you’re doing....if you wish to. 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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      My sister  yes 

      My room with a view  lol

      But you have to spin it around


  2. https://jwtalk.net/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=26191
  3. This story was told during a public talk . It's good to read some reality on how satan works It is to encourage us to manta in out integrity and loyalty LIBERIA - YB 1977.pdf
  4. Please does any one have a 1977 year book I can upload

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      Will try again. 

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      Sent link to your email. 

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      YesI  have the link 

      But still.nothing  

      The link is only 9 pages 

  5. Native animals where you live.

    I had a family of bobtails That's the mother who would come in a want the ticks taken out of her ears ever October and wouldn't see her again till the following year Next pic is 1 year old of her ofspring ..had to.treat a neck wound that some other dog did my dog looks after it ..they feed together same dish He would sleep on my knee while doing my theocratic studies
  6. Native animals where you live.

    A baby roo I found in the pouch if a dead mother that had been hit by a car in mandurah ..no hair
  7. Native animals where you live.

    Lol We had a kookaboura as a child .it was stuned kn the road and brought home .but was not long befor it recovered by swooping on the meal table to devour the meat to our surprise. .it remained home along with a pet Maggi for some years
  8. Post a picture... Any picture

    2 cars can fit inside this tree Pemberton town of tall timbers .origanaly the logging forrest in thd southwest in the late 1800s
  9. Post a picture... Any picture

    Tree top walk Pemberton western australia
  10. Post a picture... Any picture

    Yes bug you have to.have a healthy respect for them Snakes they dint bother you unless you confront them od corner them ..spiders ..I like my Australian spiders ..you just have to knew how to hand them ..I have been bitten a few times through no fault of my own Gardening has its hazards
  11. Daily Text Emails Will Likely Stop

    ohh bro Bob bit sad to see this go but I supose like all things ..some are nessesery I like the personal text emails Roz
  12. Post a picture... Any picture

    My go bags

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