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    I'm now married to a beautiful theocratic brother and now living in ghana
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    Ghana but from western australia
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    auxillary pioneer
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    i grew up in the truth

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    teaching others the bible music horses dancing singing
    love my meetings and ministry
    love helping in the quick builds and creative sewing drafting and design..but jehovah is first
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    bible, reverlation book, daniel book my song book, dictionary and any self help books
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    50s and 60s classical flamenco guitar and acapello singing
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    if you are going to learn som thing ..learn it well
    if the job is worth doing ..do it well
    dont judge a book by the cover

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  1. .Well been home in Australia  for about 3 weeks now and mmm can't have my knee operation ..been put on a waiting  list so now I will have to go back and come again at a moment's  notice....Did look at private BUT my goodness  ..is have to be a weallthy  retiree...

    The only  good  u had was.i had my cancer  cut out of my face so now I look like snoopy with one black eye  who has been in a scratch mach with a cat lol..good I'm going home  it us soo  cold here. I will visit my daughter  for a bit and go home to Ghana  to.thow out 😊 and back to my beautiful  husband 😘

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Oh sister. What a mess. But you did get some good out of it, kitty fight appearance aside. You know how to take care of business, and, that you will do! Give that Isaac my best when you see him! I’ve never talked to him, but, if he loves you, we love him! 

    2. SueFrog


      Dear sister, Well done for being so positive in your current circumstances. May your trials be eased with Jehovahs support and help. You are in my prayers 💏

    3. Rozannnancarrow


      Thank you sis suefrog 😊


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