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    My mother was a witness, she planted my seed I did not allow it too grow until later in life. Glad to say that I did not forget Jehovah and He stuck with me and brought me on home.

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    Games, Field Service, Dominoes, Cards
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    Enjoy a variety
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  1. JW Broadcasting Notebook

    This is fantastic thanks Alecia
  2. I love it as well, that song is fantastic
  3. I agree and now you can make notes on the tablets
  4. Dif anyone do a notebook for the Conventio?
  5. Green Smoothies

    What is the recipe exactly and what does it help with
  6. In Loving Memory of Nancy Yuen 1921 - 2007

    Sis when I saw the part on her it just touched my heart, I came to love her and yes she is/was very encouraging to me, would you please send me that interview. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello everyone, I need some assistance please, I have downloaded the convention notebook but it is in my Adobe which is PDF, which converter do I need to put it in a writable text. Thanks
  8. Bro. Tim take up some these points they are good for the men as well, but yeah salad for the face, sounds good lol
  9. Sis go to www.bulkapothecary.com you will love the site, carries a lot of organics I order from them, the products are reasonably priced.
  10. May I please get an order, I emailed you my information. Thanks a bunch
  11. Everyone I have not heard from Dismal Bliss in a minute, is he okay also is Inge ok, it has been a good long minute since she has been on. Just want too make sure my bro/sis is doing good. thanks
  12. JW Library - app

    Thanks Jayrtom I will try it and see
  13. JW Library - app

    Bro. Jerry we have not received the WT Library cd at our Congregation as of yet, do not know what the hold up is but we do not have them. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, but I would have done that but I can't.

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