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    shreveport, la
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    My mother was a witness, she planted my seed I did not allow it too grow until later in life. Glad to say that I did not forget Jehovah and He stuck with me and brought me on home.

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    Games, Field Service, Dominoes, Cards
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    The Bible
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    Enjoy a variety
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    Yes, indeed

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  1. sis little

    Circuit Assemblies 2018-2019 notebooks

    Thanks a bunch my sister😁
  2. I would definitely love to have a part reading. Let me know what all I need to do.
  3. Are we no longer using this, my apps removed themselves from my firestick and phone? If not do anyone know what we are using and is there an app? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Bro. Jahleadsme, fantastic
  5. I have watched the Broadcast and it is very enjoyable, the new song is lovely, now what is the theme talk?😣
  6. sis little


    Sister Luezette, they could have left Black Panthers where it was at. I did not see the hype about it, it just did not make since to me.
  7. Since this is about movies and I may be in the wrong forum. Our brothers here are very IT, I have a firestick, jailbroken but something is wrong with it, I believe it needs to be reset. I can't stream any of my movies that are in the theater, can someone please help
  8. Thanks Bro., I thought that I took notes but you have done an excellent job. I downloaded so if I missed anything I can get it.
  9. sis little

    Guess Who. Biblical Game

    Ahithophel: Judas: Saul: Zimri: This is what I get from research, I know this is old but refreshing
  10. sis little

    JW Broadcasting Notebook

    This is fantastic thanks Alecia
  11. I love it as well, that song is fantastic
  12. I agree and now you can make notes on the tablets
  13. Thanks I have a Toshiba 10 but it is Android
  14. Is there anyway to download it on our tablets.

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