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  1. I would be happy to take $10,000 off of your hands so that you can receive $40,000 in the near future.
  2. I was told by a brother that attends that congregation that he is the voice of Caleb.
  3. A survey taken in the first century shows that Jesus' apostles had a lower earning income than the Pharisees.....I'll see if I can find the link.
  4. I was told once to imagine song #7 "The Hope of Mankind's Jubilee" being sung by Kermit the Frog. Couldn't think of it any differently after that. Creation groans, weighed down in sin. It seems a hopeless plight. A sabbath day is soon to dawn. Relief is now in sight.
  5. In the interview of our brother after the decision was read, he said that this will affect all religions eventually, not just us. He also said many came from other nations to see with their own eyes the injustice.
  6. My wife and I had opportunity to spend the annual meeting weekend with Evelyn, the sister from Germany. She is an extremely humble and thoughtful sister. She speaks five or six different languages. So she has a pretty good chance of fitting in no matter where she is sent. But I wouldn't be surprised if she sent back to Paraguay.
  7. I have been using KHS (majestic software) for 6 years now and can't imagine anything easier. The secretary, CLMM overseer and I all use it and it's helped keep things well organized with all congregation responsibilities and any reports we need for the information board.
  8. These are just awesome, thank you. My 4-month old grandson will love them.
  9. Midwest-US

    (Singer) Prince dies at 57

    If he left a living trust rather than a will, it's possible no one would know who received the inheritance. See the below explanation: A living trust never needs to be filed with a court, either before or after your death. The probate court isn’t involved in supervising your trustee, the person you name in the trust document to handle the distribution of the trust assets. The trustee simply follows the instructions you wrote in the trust document, without getting permission or approval from the court.
  10. We get to sing a new song (143). Nice article on regular pioneering. I like the title "Could You Try It for One Year?"
  11. So what is the advantage of converting ePub to PDF and using PDF Expert? I use Equipd. Just curious.

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