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    I was born in the truth although I did not make the truth my own till I was 18.

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    Apart from God's word,I do enjoy biography books. I like real life stories.
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    indie, country folk music, also 30s 40s 50s 60s classic. I was born in the wrong era.

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  1. Keep up the good work dear ones. Its not easy living in this last days.. the love of many has grown cold. I echo what you all say. We see awful things happening around but also battle to keep our integrity and keep Jehovah's name untarnished. I was sobbing on my way home today, hurting from the way my boss had treated me. She had a go at me for something petty and not even my fault. 😔She accused me of not caring, which really hurt cause after all this time, my best is not good enough.It hurts that with all my hard work and dedication, i did not even get a thank you or appreciation. I worked so hard because i know i represent Jehovah and he admonish us for whatever we do, do it with all our might. Its sad how it turned out this way, as today was my last day of working with her(she goes on holiday and my last day notice is on friday.) I was so shocked and upset but all I could do is pray to Jehovah to keep me calm and to help me keep going. People are unthankful, disloyal, stab you behind your back, selfish- and you work with them everyday. And im sure many of you face the same way i do at workplace. Its a reflection of how deep we are in the last days and indeed fulfillment of the prophecy. Keep going dear ones! Xx
  2. I appreciate each and everyone of you my dear brothers and sisters... It may be impossible to meet you all, but because you love our God Jehovah, I give you my warm Christian love and BIG (((( hugss ))))
  3. Thank you! Will help me with my talk and ministry! x
  4. I just want to thank you brother Richard for this fantastic idea! I'm a single mum in the truth and I needed a lot of help and support to raise my 11 year old daughter in a way Jehovah is pleased.I was groping for ideas - lots of them, and I came across this topic. Soo delighted!! Thank you!
  5. Female Frodo

    Pharmacy technician

    I wonder how you got on? Did you end up doing this?
  6. my heart goes out to our brothers wife and family and to you all dear friends who know him.. im terribly sorry this is so so sad.. may Jehovah strengthen his wife and friends as they go through this very difficult time..
  7. Thank you dear brothers and sisters for keeping us posted. Jehovah is a living God indeed who listens and is very much aware of our prayers and supplication. May everything turn out as Jehovah wills for our brotherhood in Russia.
  8. Very encouraging video I must say.. Made me think, if our sister was able to auxilliary pioneer, hmmmmm why can't I? Definitely hit me there.. Also I love the song in that music video... Even my unbelieving husband regularly watch this video with us, I hope it reach his heart...

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