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  1. When that time comes, the GT will already be well underway. I'm not so sure that anyone, Witness or not, is going to even think about attending public events during that time.
  2. While these groups are indeed racist, their primary motivation is to exterminate all who promote "liberalism" and "communism", regardless of their race. I will not quote or link to hate-speech here, but most of the public reactions from hate groups regarding this murder is nothing but praise for killing a "liberal". She might have been white, but these people viewed her as a traitor to her race.
  3. I see you as being active :) we have missed you!

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      Me too. I see that the "Rank" under your username in your posts says "Resurrected One." I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means. (Did you really....?) :scared:

  4. > Newsroom > By Region > Taiwan
  5. The economy of both China and the US relies heavily on trade with one another, and NK is heavily reliant on foreign aid from China, South Korea, and the US. So if there were a war with Chinese military involvement, everyone loses. That said, unlike the narcissistic rich kid who got everything from his daddy and never had to answer to anyone in his life, Chinese President Xi probably knows the meaning of 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'. He'll probably put on some show of force to scare off the US from getting heavily involved, but at the end of the day they aren't going to decimate their own economy just to fight someone else's war.
  6. If the eclipse were part of Bible prophecy, why this one in particular, and not any of the other total solar eclipses that occur every 1-2 years?
  7. Stavro, where are you?

    Missing your bovine features here.

    Hope all is well.

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      Sorry, Stavro, for talking about you in front of your back.

  8. Fair enough. Your earlier comment about 'potential for suspicion' seemed to imply that there was some level of genuine concern.
  9. I am on the federal watchlist and no-fly list, because my grandfather who shares my name (and died in the 1990s) was a suspect for a terrorist-motivated murder in the late 60s.
  10. I have a relative who once attended the Memorial in the early 1980s, and since then has regularly attended various churches but never even set foot in a Kingdom Hall, jet she continually refers to herself as a JW. If she was included in this blind survey, she would have likely been among those who believe in hell, have political preferences, etc. The Pew Research Center did not seek out JWs specifically, they had a nationwide telephone campaign asking people to self-identify with their beliefs and professed religion. Such polls generally give a good indication of responses within a given geographical area, but respondents giving wrong answers means that specific correlations have a degree of inaccuracy.
  11. I think that's true of many worldly careers. Unfortunately, due to the public nature of entertainment jobs, the spiritual struggles of those in that industry tend to be more visible than the spiritual struggles of the long-haul trucker who's gone for weeks at a time, the night-worker who regularly misses midweek meetings, and so on.
  12. Some people seem to seek out fault in cases like this. There was a similar rumor going around when the press release of brother Guy Pierce's death said "Mr. Pierce"...
  13. I'm guessing you missed all the previous threads on Prince and the long list of differences of opinions some have that make them doubt his standing in the congregation? "Rally 4 Peace" and "Third Eye Blind" are two sufficiently controversial discussions where some claimed that he should not be considered in good standing in the congregation.
  14. If we know through reliable sources that he is baptized, it's acceptable to say that he is baptized. If our opinion of a matter is "I would never do that", then we should never try to claim that someone must not be a true servant of Jehovah simply because we make different choices.
  15. I know two local brothers who came into the truth through Larry Graham, and they were told by brother Graham that brother Nelson was baptized in 2001. TMZ is not exactly known for their accuracy. If the report is true, it will cause people to doubt brother Nelson's standing in the congregation, possibly speculating about his resurrection hope. And if the report is false, then spreading the report further is only perpetuating a lie. So what benefit is there in repeating this?