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    yes in 1983 at the age of 16

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    Grew up in the truth. Parents in the truth since 1948. I made the truth my own by study for myself and meditation and praying. Appkying bible thruths has made me always happy

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    Reading chrocheting drawing
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    Dani s story by Diane Lierow. Facing the lion.
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    The broadcastsongs are lovely
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    A mature christian builds bridges no walls

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  1. This picture is been spread here in Belgium, on Facebook, and said it is an office of Jehovahs Witnesses beeing disabled. But somehow I don't believe it's true . This could be brothers putting up a sign instead of taking it away. The poster doesn't t say where it is or where they find the picture. I hate it when things like this are spread , but how can I know or prove it is fake ? I'm not sharing it ofcourse , but I would like to tell them it's fake , if it is. Same time here in Belgium it's said with certainty , even on fieldservice arrangements , that we are in Guinness book of records , and I know it isn,t true , but how can I tell them ??? A faithful sister is telling it to everyone , because she heard it from her hairdresser who is Russian , and he says they received 35 km of letters , but how would he or anyone know ? I checked and it isn't in the guinnes record book at all. This was also on a Facebook group for br and sisters , and I was able to let it remove by the moderators , but in the mean time it's spread everywhere as if it realy happened
  2. How do you know it is fake news ? Fox news is it a sort of fake thing ? Sorry I'm living in Belgium and don't know much about it
  3. Hello brother , why does, t that work for me ? I use android Greetings Vera
  4. We are from Belgium , and we were on a Bethel tour today in the German branch ( Selters ) and these invitations for memorial 2017 were printed and packed for delivery . Nice to see them in real !
  5. choetah

    Favorite movies

    Pride and prejudice A walk in the clouds Somersby A father for Charlie
  6. Was that George Benson s voice in the music video ?
  7. The father in the " These words..." video is Beriah in the "walking by faith.. " video
  8. Also there are no bibles coming in anymore for I think more than a year in Dutch , in spite of ordering them
  9. We in Belgium would love to have the new revised bible in Dutch. In May there is a special visit from a brother from Bethel br Kelsey , and we will be listening to his talk with streaming in our hall. Is there any chanche this means we will receive our new bibles ? Any ideas ?
  10. I know that in the publications it says that Christianity will be attacked first, but how do the brothers know ? We're is it based on ? Just wondering

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