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  1. We were able to book our round trip flights from New York to Paris for $580 each. That was WAY better than I expected. We have saved up airline miles on our credit card, so our flight from Albuquerque to New York and back won't cost us anything. So thrilled that our itinerary is completely booked and set! Now it's time to cut down on eating out.
  2. Also try Hopper and Hipmunk. Also Google Flights - you can ask to be notified via email of any fares changes, etc. What we found is that it's far cheaper to fly from New York to Paris than from Albuquerque (home) to Paris. From Albuquerque, it was about $1500, whereas from New York it was less than $600 roundtrip! Thankfully we have airline miles on our credit card to get us from Albuquerque to New York without cost. But if you can secure a cheaper flight from New York, maybe you can drive there from Florida, or get a cheap flight up there? May come out cheaper than flying from your home to Athens. . . . .
  3. Nicolette, I can sympathize with your plight. When the call went out for brothers and sisters, including married couples, to go to Houston, TX for relief work help, we were told that they were specifically looking for people who could help in administration/logistics, and on an indefinite basis. My wife and I immediately applied. Then we heard that others were being invited to go, and we never heard anything. I finally approached the coordinator and secretary and found out that they had not submitted it before the deadline, despite the fact that we turned in our applications way before that date. We were very disappointed, even somewhat bitter, but prayed about it and got over it in time. We now have no ill will or resentment towards those brothers. But the interesting thing is that about a month after all of this, my mother got extremely sick and had to be intubated in ICU for almost 3 weeks. Turns out she had been getting sicker and sicker over the previous 6 months and was very close to dying. The doctors even said that we needed to talk to paliative care/hospice about keeping her comfortable because she was likely not going to survive once the breathing tube came out. During those weeks, I stayed most nights with her, read her the Watchtower, put on theocratic music. Many from our congregation came and visited her. At the time of her sickness, she had been inactive without going to meetings for more than 20 years. Thankfully, she recovered, and now goes to meetings when she can, and has been putting more effort into returning to Jehovah. My wife and I often wonder if we would have returned to care for her so much, if we would have gone to Houston. My sister is here and would have taken care of her, and most likely would have pushed for us to stay in Houston. But my mom wouldn't have gotten any spiritual attention; my sister is also inactive with no real interest in the truth. I'm not saying Jehovah made those elders forget to turn in our application because He knew we'd be needed, especially in a spiritual sense, here at home. But we wonder. . .
  4. That is 3rd on our list. Paris is our first. Did you get notified by email from the branch, or by email from the secretary?
  5. A friend heard they were accepted to Monterrey, Mexico. Ecuador was our 2nd choice - but wouldn't mind being selected for that!
  6. I'd like to know the proper address format as well!
  7. Wow this is great. Will definitely use this to write letters to a few of them for our next Family Worship Evening.
  8. If you are selected, do you also get an email notification? Or is it strictly through the secretary? Our secretary is a WONDERFUL brother, but sometimes forgets to inform things from time to time. Just wondering if I need to gently remind him at some point. . .
  9. Last week I had a dream that we had been selected to go to the International Convention. I woke up from the dream, with a huge smile on my face. Then it gradually dawned on me that it had been a dream. I literally thought, "Wait, that doesn't mean I wasn't dreaming a memory! Maybe it's true?" And then the next second, "No, it's not true. We're still waiting." And I was crushed.
  10. This is what I heard from a brother who still has connections at Bethel. But can't say I've read it in print or anything like that. So grain of salt still needed. We still haven't heard anything. But I'm right there with you, sister! Keep praying to Jehovah about it!
  11. Yes, waiting is so hard! We made Paris our first choice because it's only a 2-hour flight (cheap, too) to Rome, which we'd LOVE to see after the 7 days in the convention city. You know that Coliseum is going down at Armageddon! We really want to meet the brothers working the mobile displays around there!
  12. We applied for Paris, Ecuador, and Athens. Every time I get a ding on my phone saying I got an email, I always have convention pop up in my brain. If I think about the wait too long I'm in agony!! Good thing is that we've never been to an international convention before, and I heard priority is given to ones who are applying for the first time. . . .

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