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  1. Yes, 6 big files. I should have clarified that. And now I'm not able to download ANY section, regardless of the resolution chosen. It will download about 300mb each time, and then give me either a "FAILED - FORBIDDEN" error, or a "FAILED - NETWORK ERROR" or "FAILED - FILE INCOMPLETE". I know it's not my wifi connection or computer, because the same thing happens on different computers, different networks (tried it at work, too), and different internet browsers. Hopefully the branch knows it's happening. I don't see any way to let them know about the problem.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to download the sections of the 2018 Regional Convention in English, and whenever I choose 720p, the download will start but then will immediately give a "failed - incomplete file" error message. If I try downloading the same video in a lesser resolution, like 540p, it will download fine. Any ideas? ☹️
  3. I was in a slightly-crazy-impatient phase regarding the Spanish translation for the first year or two after the 2013 Annual Meeting, but I've since come to peace with waiting as long as the Faithful and Discreet Slave need. What really made me shut up, both verbally and in the heart, was the amazing realization of how many of our brothers didn't even have the "old" NWT, or maybe just a part of it. Jehovah is surely not partial; the vast numbers of Spanish don't outweigh the love Jehovah has for our brothers worldwide. It's wonderful!
  4. I don't think anyone here is savvy enough with the Russian legalities to guess one way or another. I'm thinking the brothers in Russia involved in the case have a feeling one way or another, but remember, Jehovah can cause anything to change and he can also choose to permit anything. We just don't know.
  5. I believe the ban that was upheld by the Supreme Court concerns the city of Birobidzhan. Seems like that city outright banned JW's. (End of paragraph 3 in the article.)
  6. Ha ha, yes! We watched it for part of our family worship last night. It wasn't very hard to find. What a wonderful talk. It was like watching it for the first time. Such timely encouragement!
  7. Yes. Like waiting for our Spanish revised Bible was so difficult until I found out how many of our brothers and sisters don't even have ANY version of the NWT! By all means, then, I can wait! Which configurations page are you referring to?
  8. It's very stressful waiting to see what happens, but Jehovah knows what he does and permits. Surely the world is getting a great witness. Who knows, this could all lead to a huge boost of new ones who come to know Jehovah out of curiosity for what's happening, or because of indignation at the injustice. We just don't know. We have also been praying for Jehovah to forgive those in the Russian government who honestly do not know what they do. Maybe even some of them will have their hearts touched during all of this. I think when everything is said and done, we will look back on this and go "Ah, that's why Jehovah did this or did that!". Expect the unexpected!
  9. Can you tell me which time-stamp it starts at? It's part 3 of the annual meeting videos, right? I only vaguely remember it. . .
  10. I just get a HUGE kick out of brother Lett when he hosts. My wife and I love him! His facial expressions and huge gestures are so warm and sincere, and humorous.
  11. I keep checking my available updates to see if I get to take notes yet. Of course, there are far more important things to tend to than my app-wants.
  12. LRJW


    Wow, so you can load new publications into it?

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