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    My step father studied with me at the age of 13

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    Listening to wholesome music, browsing and reading on jw.org and watching jw broadcasting.
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    The book of proverbs in NWT.
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    Song 140 in sing to Jehovah
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    The higher the monkey climbs the more it is exposed.

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  1. Our hall also experiences similar hum but only when we are running on the backup generator. Recently though, we, at the sounds department have to contend with high pitch hissing sounds when the volume is adjusted slightly up. We may soon have to replace our entire sound system. It performed well today with about 3 to 4 hissing sounds and a little echo. About the hum on your side, maybe you can try changing the connectors (the phono or audio cables that connects the sound playing devices to the main amplifier) and mic cables too. Hope you get a quick and lasting solution for a clearer meeting.
  2. I also do sometimes experience crashes with the app. Sometimes i simply tap ok when the error pops up and it opens. For freezing, i believe you may have been tapping on many buttons at a time or there is a limited space on your device's internal storage. Try freeing up storage space, it might help. Running several apps at a time along with jw library can also freeze up the app. Just try running only jw library. I hope this helps.

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